SuperUMAns #60 - oSnap, Poker Season Updates And The December All-Star Game

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 22 Oct 2023

UMA offers Universal Market Access, promoting the crypto decentralization and implementing blockchain technology in the Cryptoverse. All types of DeFi protocols and DAOs can use the UMA tools to implement financial solutions and improve the way was assets can enhance the products.

oSnap was created by UMA and Snapshot, and aims to add execution functionality by pushing results on-chain. Safe (ex-Gnosis) will be a prime beneficial, as holders are able to propose and execute on proposals from start-to-finish, without any specific person’s signature required. 


oSnap is seeing rapid adoption in DeFi, with top DAOs like CoW Swap, Connext, Premia, Across, ShapeShift, Buffer, and more deploying and securing over $100 million in assets! 

How oSnap delivers trustless execution? oSnap combines the classic Snapshot off-chain voting mechanism with the Safe industry-leading multi-sig wallet infrastructure. Users are incentivized to submit the correct transactions for execution, and also have an incentive to dispute if there is an error. In the case of a dispute, the transaction is not executed and will have to be re-submitted.


Join the UMA Discord to get the latest oSnap news, engage in the Community Calls every Tuesday at 6:30 PM UTC, and stay for the poker tournament  after-party. The game takes place immediately after the call. Are you ready for UMAzing tournaments and crypto prizes?

he tl;dr is straight forward... 500 UMA tokens are allocated for the poker season, which will last until December. The members will earn points on a weekly basis, based on their place for each tournament, which will be added in the general leaderboard. 

The prize pool will be shared between the top ranked users in the season leaderboard and the top 8 players in the December All-Star Game. 420 UMA to be distributed to the season’s top six players, while the remaining 80 UMA tokens to be distributed to the top 5 ranked players at the last game of the year, and various tips throughout the season.

Season Prizes: 

  • 1st place: 120 UMA
  • 2nd place: 100 UMA
  • 3rd place: 80 UMA
  • 4th place: 50 UMA
  • 5th place: 30 UMA
  • 6th place: 15 UMA
  • 7th place: 10 UMA
  • 8th - 10th place: 5 UMA


Tournament #17 broke the all-time attendance, with 22 players joining that night! It wasn't a top performance, as I took a heavy defeat in the early rounds. Went strong with three 5s, until that lonely Ace killed my chances for a top pot.

It was downhill from there and the lowest place since the start of the season. I finished the tournament on the 14th spot, almost as bad as those that forgot to join the event. 


We had 22 players, and 5 of them were new-entries. Three of them made it into the top 10, while Griss went all the way! One game... one chance... one crown! Amazing and mind-blowing, as the mysterious player made a one-time wonder. 


I was ready for revenge, and I had my pay-back against MightyStefan in the early rounds. I was winning even without the full-house of 10s, but a better hand made it even more satisfying.

It was a tough game, with all the big names playing the best poker ever. Finished eight and enjoyed watching a top battle between razer and infinity. UMAzing Poker #18 had a new victor, the 10th player to claim the crown. 


Razer's title came with the golden ticket for the All-Star Game, and a big leap in the leaderboard. Looks like Infinity, Kurapika, Obitoo and TheRealTuna are always claiming the top spots, while the others are constantly improving their end-game strategy. Are you entertained? 


The All-Star Game (5th of December)

The All-Star Game will conclude the 2023 poker season, and the event is scheduled on the 5th of December at 7:45 PM UTC. The tournament has participation criteria, easy and flexible to make it accessible to the majority of the players.

The All-Star Game prizes are: 

  • 1st place: 18 UMA
  • 2nd place: 15 UMA
  • 3rd place: 12 UMA
  • 4th place: 9 UMA
  • 5th place: 6 UMA
  • 6th place: 3 UMA

Any player that won a tournament throughout the season will automatically receive the ticket for the All-Star Game! Therefore, we have 8 participants that received the golden ticket!

There are six tournaments left from the regular season, and you are still on time for the biggest game of the year. You will get your ticket for the final show-down if you had a minimum of 8 participations throughout the UMAzing Poker season. I will also reserve the right to offer Wild Cards, just in case Risk Labs or UMA team members want to join us for the December game.

Less participations? Not an issue... if you accumulate at least 10 points. I want to see commitment and punctuality, but still keep the entry level low. The ten points can be achieved in the remaining games, as the winner of each weekly event will receive 10 points, the runner-up will receive 7 points, the third place will receive 5 points and the fourth place will receive 3 points, while the 5th place will be awarded 2 points. One point to be added for each participant no matter the place.

Based on the two additional requirements, more players will be eligible for an invite, joining the 10 current champions. I am looking at the updated leaderboard and everyone can make it for the All-Star game! Six more weeks and six more games to secure your golden ticket, a higher spot in the leaderboard, and a bigger $UMA prize! The chase is on! 

The All-Star Game aims to bring the top players at the table, and kick-start the festive season with a jolly good game. We are heading towards Halloween and 18 players have qualified for the final show! 


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