SuperUMAns #3 - UMA scaling on Polygon

SuperUMAns #3 - UMA scaling on Polygon

By PVMihalache | SuperUMAns | 18 Jun 2021

About PVM ... the superUMAn

It's time for a celebration ... as I completed a full month since hanging with the superUMAns! The community was so welcoming and the amount of things I learned in such a short time is amazing! What I like in the group is that is always activity ... the Discord chat feels like a bee hive. If I had to compare the superUMAns community with a city, it will be Istanbul! It is full of wonderful people, always has something to offer and is no better place for Universal Market Access than the Grand Bazaar!  


To mark the celebration ... I now have my custom made UMA avatar, thanks to Jiro! Sometimes I wish to be more involved ... sometimes I wish I was a bit smarter and be able to do coding and all the smart things that tech-wizards can do... but at the end of the day I am content creator and that's what I will focus on!


I already participated in three Super UMAns Community Calls and the brain storming in the group creates amazing campaigns. I am not so active talking because it's past 3AM for me but I always listen and write my feedback! I am happy to bring my contribution through writing articles and raising UMA awareness! 


The News: UMA is scaling to every EVM compatible chain!

Yes! UMA is scaling to EVM chains, starting with Polygon. I seen the tweet and because I didn't fully understood, I started reading and learning.


As UMA’s infrastructure is built from dispute resolution layer known as  the Data Verification Mechanism (DVM) and the contract layer, the current set up offers flexibility. The DVM can be added on the ETH mainnet and set all contracts an Layer 2. Dapps developers and protocols can take advantage of Layer 2 scaling with trusted DVM securing the financial contracts. 

I opened the Medium post, put my phone away to avoid distractions and started writing notes in my notebook. UMA scaling to the Polygon chain where the framework for multiples Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible with scaling solutions will be deployed. The new system was designed to empower and assist developer to create top  and secure contracts.

The previous times I wrote about scaling was about Elrond's innovative scaling system and about Bitcoin's difficulty to scale, but this time is different! UMA's scaling is groundbreaking and all the Cryptoverse can benefit from the upgrade. The Data Verification Mechanism (DVM) implemented into UMA’s architecture creates independence as the dispute layer and the contract layer do not need to live on the same chain, therefore cannot be affected simultaneous by the same issue or error. The decoupled architecture creates a protocol that can be deployed to any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The deployed protocol or Dapp has access to the same Data Verification Mechanism as any contract native on ETH chain.

The communication between the ETH Data Verification Mechanism and the Polygon contract will be made by a two-ways communication bridge. The contract will call the native Oracle and settle the request without accessing the DVM is no issue is found. If the contract has a dispute, the DVM will be accessed to resolve the dispute. 



The bridge between the Data Verification Mechanism and the Ethereum Virtual Machine was created by a Polygon arbitrary message system that link the two and any potential Oracles. The solution is innovatory as the financial contracts created on Polygon only need to trust Polygon consensus security, excluding any centralized third party. 

The bridge will empower UMA to eliminate the centralized control and share secure information on the sidechain. The trustless communication will be extend to more scaling solutions in the future as the DVM will source advanced scaling solution. Similar systems as the one deployed on Polygon and the bridge can be mirrored to any Ethereum Virtual Machine. All the developers interested in building outside of Polygon can contact the UMA team in order to plan and create the support for other scaling solutions. 



UMA unique set-up and flagship products as KPI options will enhance the blockchain solutions and will develop a trusted crypto ecosystem. Better blockchain solutions will lead to the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies and this is the future we all want.

At the moment UMA price per token is $11.50 but will definitely grow in value as more innovations will be added.


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