Starting 2024 In Style With Fore Protocol - Prediction Markets Bonanza

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 17 Jan 2024

Fore Protocol is the first people-powered predictions ecosystem where the users create, participate in, and validate prediction markets ... and they are rewarded for doing so. Join the Fore Discord for the latest news and competitions.

Fore Protocol integrated the UMA Optimistic Oracle and created a truly decentralized peer-to-peer predictions ecosystem powered by people. The users can create prediction markets, determine market odds, participate in markets against each other, and validate the market outcomes.


Are you ready for a bonanza of prediction markets and 15,000 $FORE allocated for the newest FOREfluencer campaign? Earn a share of 15,000 $FORE with the Fore Protocol zealy quest! Over the next two months, community members will be able to earn a share of 15,000 FORE through various activities that support the growth of the FORE ecosystem.

Join the Fore Discord for updates and extra XP. Give PVM a good race as he is trying to be on top of the leaderboard! Do you have the skills (and time) to be a top FOREfluencer?


Fore is unique because it is totally user controlled – users create markets, participate in them, and resolve them, without centralized intervention. The markets are automatically settled, unless a dispute is raised. Fore uses UMA for security and disputed market outcomes will be submitted to UMA's Optimistic Oracle for resolution. 

The $FORE token can be used to create markets, to join predictions, and to mint Analyst NFTs. All rewards are paid in $FORE, creating a synergy between all parts of the ecosystem. 


I had a successful month using Fore Predict, wisely choosing only correct outcomes. I went No for 1000 Analyst NFTs minted by 20th of December and doubled the $FORE I used for my prediction. Was only onwards and upwards from here! 


It's fun to play some football markets, specially when it's a guaranteed win! TSC Backa Topola to win against Olympiacos? In Greece? No chance! Went no on this one and won 302 $FORE when the market settled.


This was a bit of a gamble, but it's always better to say things will not happen! Will there be a 6.8M or higher earthquake anywhere in the world on the 12th of December? I predicted No and you probably know I was right.

You didn't see any news about big earthquakes in December, because it didn't happened! Another win and another bag of $FORE added to the current portfolio! 


Interesting enough, I started creating markets. The market creator will earn 0.5% of the total volume, no matter the outcome. It was a good experiment but my markets didn't raised enough traction.

I earned only crumbles of $FORE from my markets, but at least I ended 10th on the December leaderboard event. What does it mean? I won 100 $FORE for my leaderboard place, which was basically a refund for the 10 markets I created to finish in the top ten. I had the pleasure to experiment and I ended up even! 


Does it sound interesting? You can dive into Fore Protocol and tap into two offers, curtesy of the Fore referral program:

  • Take a position in a market and receive $10 worth of $FORE
  • Join Fore Predict and earn 50 $FORE


Useful Links:

Fore Predict Markets

Fore Zealy Quest

Fore Discord

ForeFluencer Zealy Info

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