Across The Cryptoverse #44 - Fantasy Football, Intents And New Chains

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 14 Apr 2024

Across V3 is the first intents-driven interoperability protocol and it will deliver a level of cross-chain UX that developers and their users demand as crypto enters a complex multichain economy. Ground-breaking technology. 

The Across Bridge has expanded to Linea, making the zkEVM solution and its ecosystem’s applications more accessible and expand Across’ presence on Layer 2. Polygon zkEVM is next on the list, along Scroll and Blast 💥 

Across Bridge uses relayers to fill orders when users express their intent, it’s extremely fast and cost-effective for users. How fast? How about ZERO seconds fill time? It took zero seconds to send assets from Optimism to Arbitrum! Does your bridge have the lowest fees in the space, instant transfers with superior security?


Across prioritizes route optimization for maximum capital efficiency 𝑏𝑒𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑒 adding route support. Has this optimization focus vs. new chain deployment helped Across? Quality vs. quantity has proven it's worth the wait! When Across is building... quality is guaranteed! 

You already experienced the opportunities on Linea? What about the events and competitions held in the Across discord? We have Gartic, quizzes, poker, cross-words, baking and even ... Fantasy Football! 

A monthly budget of $750 worth of $ACX are allocated for fun activities, and we are waiting for... YOU! Get the "party animal" role to receive notification of upcoming events. If Across bosses in the bridging sector, I am bossing in the activity world. I hope you like Fantasy Football ... because the Across rangers are having not one but two fantasy football leagues! 

The Premier League season is approaching the endgame, and the winner will be decided on photo-finish. If Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City are keeping us entertained IRL, there's one pair that keeps us entertained in our fantasy competition. The Fantasy Football experts are in the lead, with Japi and GR on the top spots. There are some underdogs chasing them, but it looks like a two-horses race! 

The competition kicked of in the summer, and we already have a hot battle at the top! It's hard to get in the upper half of the leaderboard, and I am currently 6th in the league. Why am I struggling? Because I always do bad choices with my starting line-up!

We also have prizes for this long season of the Premier League, with 300 ACX allocated for the top five managers. The winner will be rewarded with 90 ACX, the runner-up with 70 ACX, and the third place with 50 ACX tokens. The forth place will get a bigger slice then the rest of the Top Ten, with 30 ACX for him, while the remaining players will split what's left. 


What about Champions League? Fancy another fantasy football league? Less participants and higher chances to win a medal! The prize pool for this event is set to 100 ACX, with the winner claiming nearly half of the pot. Winner takes 45 ACX, the second place will receive 25 ACX, while the third place will be rewarded with the 15 ACX.

How it's going? Doing a bit better here, sitting on the second place! Japi "The Special Ones" is leading the pack, but the chase is on! As a sign of gratitude, the 4th and 5th place will also get some tokens... splitting 15 ACX.

Making a top team for the Champions League fantasy football is easy, as all the big names are on the scene! Spend the money and get all the stars from Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona. If you have some leftovers, you can fill up your team with underdogs from teams like Manchester United or Arsenal.


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