Across The Cryptovers #30 - zkSummer With Taho and Across

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 9 Nov 2023

Across is the bridge that Ethereum deserves, being fast and financially efficient, the best option in the hyper-competitive cross-chain landscape! In just one month of Base bridging, Across captured approximately 25% of the off-Base flows on a daily basis.

The zkSync journey started at an accelerated rate, onboarding new users and helping crypto savvy people to transfer their founds faster than what all the canonical bridges available until then. 


Across LP on Velodrome, integrated on Metamask to improve the bridging experience on MetaMask Portfolio, providing the fastest option for zkSync bridging, and constant innovation of the ecosystem. 

The true power of Across unleashed on Base and zkSync, onboarding over 15,000 first time users and processing over $29,000,000 in first time transfers... in only two weeks. From 4.... to 6! To infinity and beyond!


Be like Billy and learn about the importance of bridges! Be a legend and use Across to transfer funds to and from zkSync. Across is almost always the fastest bridge for moving assets between chains in the crypto ecosystem, thanks to relayers and liquidity providers that fill orders. The system improves speed, security, and capital efficiency, validating that Across’ optimistic design is the best.  


Across is one of 100+ cross-chain bridges in the crypto ecosystem, each serving a similar purpose. By definition, a bridge helps users move their crypto between blockchains. 

While bridges are broadly working towards the same goal, Across takes a different approach. Instead of using  the "Mint and Burn" mechanism or native swaps, Across uses relayers to fill orders and liquidity providers to reimburse relayers. This means relayers and LPs take on risk on behalf of users, and they get orders done at absolute speed. The ultimate shortcut to financial heaven! The Across zkSync bridge moves your crypto assets in a flash! 


The integration of the zkSync bridge was followed by the "Ape into zkSummer" campaign, where Across and Taho worked in partnership to bring the top zk projects into the spotlights! Weeks of educative calls followed, Twitter spaces and top events or competitions. 

Taho Wallet is 100% self-custodial and the private keys are secured on your computer. They never leave the device and no personal info will ever be required to sign up. Tally Ho never tracks your activity or addresses, and reviews from the premiere security firms in web3 are already on roll.


I done enough activity on zkSync to be eligible for the free Libertas Omnibus NFT, an experimental NFT project created to explore new NFT standards, network superpowers, new protocol features, prototype collections with surprise creators, and just vibe out.


Ape into zkSummer was concluded with a big Galxe campaign, where the participants where invited to claim NFTs and points. All 16 projects and protocols that joined had their own quest, and collecting all made the holders eligible for an NFT that united all the projects into a big zk planet. 

I collected all easily, from my favorite ZKitty to Taho and Maverick. Some tasks required swapping assets, and some users had issues with the validation. Do you know that over 20,000 users claimed the Zkitty NFT?


There were three tasks that required swapping 10 USDC into wETH, and I started with Mute. The zkSync native stable / normal pool AMM DEX is a one-stop crypto hub, with limit orders, farming platform, and bond platform.

I swapped exactly 10 USDC into 0.006278 wETH, paying only 0.005 USDC as liquidity provider fee. Once completed I done the same swap using Velocore, and moved to the third swap. 


VeSync is a community-driven, ve(3,3) DEX on zkSync thatthat centralizes DeFi liquidity. The UI is not great, but the swap was done as efficiently as possible.

Degen DEX task completed, and NFT claimed soon after! I wasn't sure if to swap back 0.0186 wETH into stablecoins, but I left it like that and waited for ETH to go up up and away! 


I claimed my full zkSummer planet, a superb art piece that collated all the 16 projects that took part into the zkSummer campaign. Another top event organized by Across, and a participation beyond the expectations. Stay tuned and join the Across discord server for more entertainment!  


PVM Entertainment and Leisure organized a poker tournament when the zkSync Bridge was launched, and the best poker players accepted the invite! I hoped to hit the jackpot with 5s and Jacks, but Mighty Stefan sealed my early exit with a full-house. 


The zkPoker Party continued without me, and MightyStefan went all the way! He won the crown against TheRealTuna and was awarded with a bag of ACX tokens for the outstanding performance. 

Are you a player? Join us every other Thursday for poker tournaments and 500 $ACX tokens in the pot. Do you have the skills to go all-in against veterans? Will see you on the turf!


Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands!

Get Plutus Card - 3% cashback on everything + Perks 

CEXs and DEXs: OKX / Biswap / Binance / / 

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash,  GlobalHive ZCash & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xHive/Leo,  readcashLBRY & Presearch


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