OMG!!! Richard Heart's Hex Token Now At Half A Cent USD!
Richard Hearts Hex Token

OMG!!! Richard Heart's Hex Token Now At Half A Cent USD!

Hex Price Milestone

Richard Heart's Hex token has rocketed to half a cent USD ($0.005)!

An incredible accomplishment!

Hex Price

Return on Investment (ROI)

The ROI is now a massive 87x vs USD, 73.5x vs BTC and 55.65x vs ETH. HexInfo:


Market Capitalisation

Hex is now in the top 30 for market caps on Coinpaprika (

Hex Market Cap

Drivers for the Rapid Rise.

The AA Lobby and Market buys are lifting the price like an elevator lift. There is no margin trading and so the price cannot be shorted. A higher value is better for all holders.

The Hex token is an Interest rate product with a big payday attached. Even after big payday, if people unstake the price of staking goes up massively based on the last unstakers ROI. So getting the staking shares will be more important than the coin itself. And the interest rate is up to 3.69% per annum.

The volatility is only set by major whales exiting (likely early adopters, as opposed to BTC whale holders who got free claim Hex coins [as part of the adoption process]). Also many BTC whales were excluded from participating like Mt Gox. But most may very likely hold. Given the price mechanism is a first and delivered epic returns. Many of those who didn't understand it. Now do.

More to Come! ;)

There is still 200 days left in the AA lobby! Exciting times ahead! I will update again at 1 cent USD! 10,000X anyone?



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