HUGE News > Ethereum to join Neo with Chain and NFT Swaps On Phantasma Chain's World leading Blockchain 3.0

HUGE News > Ethereum to join Neo with Chain and NFT Swaps On Phantasma Chain's World leading Blockchain 3.0


Phantasma Chain is a 3.0 Blockchain and has the world's most advanced NFTs and Chain Swaps.

Chain swaps between NEO and Phantasma is already live, as it was a necessity to launch the blockchain. And now pre-annouce...

The next blockchain to be introduced to chain swaps is Ethereum! > Date TBD.

Awesome News for Ethereum Holders with Access to Phantasma Advanced Blockchain, NFTs and World Class AAA Games

1. Swappable Eth/Tokens.

Ethereum and certain other coins will be swappable to Phantasma and able to be spent within the Phantasma ecosystem. Since the chain swap works in both directions, Phantasma  will introduce an ERC20 SOUL token (Phantasma's flagship crypto). The major benefit is that it will allows Phantasma to penetrate the Ethereum ecosystem, markets and DEXs. This way, Phantasma can leverage the ecosystem of Ethereum dApps for collaborations. So the chain swaps between Phantasma and Ethereum ranked high on their list.

2. Ethereum Access to the World's Best NFTs

With the launch of the Ethereum chain swaps in the future. Phantasma  also announced that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will also be swappable (but not on launch). This would mean that any Phantasma NFT is swappable to the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded on Ethereum NFT marketplaces, spreading awareness of games fuelled by Phantasma while making Phantasma NFTs easily accessible to more potential buyers and traders.

3. AAA Game Access

As a result, Ethereum users will be able to swap their NFTs to Phantasma and use Phantasma marketplaces and its super fast and low transaction fees for trading. NFTs (as long as the game designers allow it) will be utilised to become playable items in different games. This will include games on other blockchains! NFT interoperability at its finest!

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Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights

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