Hex & Hedron Price Predictions! Maximus Results & Maxi Price! SciVive Audio Series Completed!

Hex & Hedron Price Predictions! Maximus Results & Maxi Price! SciVive Audio Series Completed!

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What is Hex?

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are common investment tools managed by banks. Hundreds of millions of people use them worldwide, creating a market valued in the trillions of dollars. HEX has taken the concept of CDs, added significantly higher average return rates, removed banking fees and turned it into a decentralized cryptocurrency.

You can "Stake" your HEX by locking up any amount for a period between 1 and 5555 days. Your Stake accrues rewards every day, and the amount of yield depends on the length of your Stake: "Longer Pays Better". The APY for HEX Stakes of average length is around 40%, while traditional bank CDs average less than 2%. In addition to the unprecedented yield, there is also the tendency of the HEX price to appreciate.

HEX has no central entity, no bureaucracy and no overhead. There are no bonuses awarded to anyone outside of the users who Stake HEX. As a simple to use, high-yield investment tool, HEX makes you the bank.

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What is Hedron?

Hedron (HDRN) is a collection of smart contracts that live on the Ethereum and PulseChain blockchain(s). Hedron builds on top of HEX to allow stakers to mint and borrow HDRN tokens against their active HEX stakes. Hedron also allows stakers to trade their HEX stakes as NFT tokens on any compatible NFT marketplace. Hedron has no admin keys and no kill switches. Just like HEX, Hedron is completely decentralized with zero counterparty risk.

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What is Maximus?

100% of the MAXI token supply is generated during a one time 14 day Minting Phase where anyone may choose to mint 1 MAXI per HEX pledged to the Maximus Contract. Once the Minting Phase ends, the smart contract will execute a single 5555 day stake with all the HEX used to mint MAXI. Once the stake has ended, users may redeem their portion of the HEX stake principal + yield and Hedron earned.   For more info:





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Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights

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