HARNESS the POWER of the SUN with Axion's SUPERNOVA NFT! World's First Visual-Class NFT!

Harness the power of the sun with Axion's Supernova NFT.

NFTs are a huge part of Axion's future as the World's Best Staking Ecosystem. With our upcoming launch to Polygon and the massive reduction in gas fees, it opens the doors for significant development in the NFT space, adding utilities and functionalities to the Axion ecosystem like never before. We're excited to kick off the beginning of the Axion NFT era with Axion's Supernova NFT, a Visual-Class NFT that unlocks a unique theme for the Staking Portal, a custom Supernova Discord tag, and some fun future community event trophies that will unlock in future releases of the NFT Ecosystem. This is just the beginning.


How can you get the Supernova NFT? Two ways.

1. Be one of the last 25 wallets to bid in the Axion Accelerator before we move to Polygon. You'll get early access weeks before anyone else to the new Staking Portal theming engine and the Discord flair, available at the Polygon launch.

2. Sometime after the launch, the Axion NFT Ecosystem will unlock in the Staking Portal with this Supernova NFT and more, including the ability to mint your own stakes as NFTs and purchase other unique Axion NFTs with different utility classes. Do you need this NFT to be a part of Axion? Of course not. It's just super rad. And we on the Axion Development team love super rad things.

So to summarize: to be the first to get this NFT, be in the last 25 people to bid in the Axion Accelerator (any amount) before the Accelerator shuts down on Ethereum. And then stay tuned for the launch of the Axion NFT Ecosystem, coming soon!

For more information, and to see the super rad artwork itself (that I created, yes I am biased), visit the Supernova page here: Here's to the future of Axion, and to some super rad NFTs. :axncheer:




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