Ethereum 2.0 and 3 Drivers for a Higher Price and Great Profits!

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I am gonna keep this quick and to the point. Ethereum 2.0 (final testnet launch 4th August and rollout from late 2020) has 3 Big Drivers for a Higher Price and good profits!

  • 2.0 Improvements. The big one is staking 32 ETH for interest. Some people started some time ago accumulating 32 ETH
  • Ethereum is one of the biggest beneficiaries of DeFi! Big driver of transaction fee hike (still an issue). But DeFi is locking up more ETH! 
  • Big capital funds increasing investment as part of a diversified portfolio! Companies like GreyScale still loading up!

So these 3 drivers will continue to suck out supply (albeit not limited like BTC) and increase demand, lifting price. I think the recent rise is only the start!

Ethereum Price Chart History (CoinGecko).

>>> 111,885,123 ETH in circulating supply, $30.5b USD market cap, Price now $272 USD, 17% price rise last 7 days, 28% last 12 months.






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Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights
Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights

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