Axion Auction Day 130 (23 Mar) 1B AXN 256ETH 3.9M AXN/ETH Venture Capital Auction 4 with $431k USD wBTC! WATCH NOW!

For Full Information Watch Todays Auction Summary Video:

Axion Auction Day 130 (23 Mar) 1B AXN 256ETH 3.9M AXN/ETH Venture Capital Auction 4 with $431k USD wBTC! WATCH NOW!


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Axion Crypto Venture Capital Auction 4 Close 

Get 10% More Axion crypto tokens in Regular Axion Crypto Auction when Entering Auction 131 -  COOL 100 MILLION Axion Tokens Up For Grabs! GREAT DAY TO ENTER

Axion crypto regular auction day 131


5 REGULAR Auctions Per week with 100m+!!! Benefit 10% Bonus Axion! Min Stake 60 days.

2 Venture Capital Auctions (VCA) WITH 1 Billion+!!! People that enter VCA auctions will get 10% back in liquid WBTC Instantly. Min Stake 120 Days.

Plus 10% discount price to Uniswap (if auction less than 90% sold).

How to Enter the Daily Auction?

Link Metamask Wallet, Input ETH to win AXN in Auction, then Click Send, After 24 hour Auction, Withdraw from MyBets on the auction page and Stake min 60 days, then Check the Stake page for your Staked Axion Winnings, And Earn Daily Axion and Wrapped Bitcoin Rewards! Stake 350 days for Big Pay Day!

Learn more About Regular and Venture Capital Auctions here:

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Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights

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