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My Five Favorite Games To Earn Crypto!!

By SuperLaPlante | SuperLaPlante | 9 Mar 2020

Hello Crypto world this is Nathan and he loves cats MeOw!


I am new to this I trying blogging a few times in the past I am not good at grammar spelling etc! 

But I did want to wrtie a post today to tell you about my five All time favorite game apps (sorry folk android only it is my preferred phone).

most of these games for me are just a nice time killer when I am early for work or waiting in a doctors office or just chilling at home with the cats!

Please do feel free to tell me what type of Crypto earning games you enjoy are? 

Please remember the list in in no particular order but it is five games I enjoy playing to earn the sweet Crypto! 

also I do know I have seen some of these games listed here before!


First up you do require a CoinBase account to cash out your earned cypto it is out of my hands as I am not a developer!


1.   Bitcoin Blocks

There is one small con to this game that does also double as a pro. It all depends on how you look at it. This game does only allow you to play so much before making you wait 24 hours. I personally look at this as a good thing as it does keep the cheaters far far away hopefully! But other then that this a fun basic gaming that rewards you in crypto sure not millions like we all want but it is better then nothing! (with this one you can earn BTC)


2.   Bitcoin Blast 

This one is from the same devopler as number 1. It does have the same pro/con as the first one but I do also enjoy playing this game as I do got lots of time to kill (with this one you can earn BTC)


3.   CryptoWord        (with this one you can earn BTC also popcoin? never count figure out what that is!)

I must admit I do love this one as it is a word game but not like all the other word games it is a great game if you are a word smith you should play it! (with this one you can earn 


4.  PopStellar (this on you can earn some XLM

This one is the same developer as 3 and spoiler alert 5! it is another great game but I do notice with some of these games if you have a slower device it can be issues sometimes but I really do enjoy these games!


5.  CryptoPop (with this one you can earn ETH)

and the 5th is from the same devolper as 3 to 5 and they do have a lot of different apps but can't earn crypto on all of them. But the game it self is also another great game that I enjoy!


So that is 5 games I enjoy to play and earn some free crypto you are not going to be a crypto billionair just using these apps thoe. But these apps are enjoyable to me at least you do 


Shh do you want a bonus but is NOT A GAME but a facet that I am enjoying Cointiply

please don'd judge me to bad I know I am not the greatest at writing!

but please do feel free to share you thoughts and remember I am always ok with a cat pictures! 










If you made it this far congrats you are AWESOME!!!!! Thank You and have a nice day!








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cats video games pizza coffee coca cola are some of the many things I enjoy!!!!!


I have been slowly studying crypto since 2013. I love cats pizza coffee!!

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