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BLOCKCHAIN ​​ECONOMICS: EVERSCALE token properties overview

By Oleksandr Overchuk | | 28 Dec 2021

The EVER Basic Digital Coin of the EVERSCALE ecosystem has a number of key properties that are required for its circulation as a settlement instrument. As of the end of 2021, EVER coins are listed on more than 10 trading platforms (crypto exchanges and crypto exchanges).

Their liquidity (the ability to quickly buy and sell) gives them some properties of a cash equivalent. However, there is a major factor negatively affecting EVER tokens - significant volatility (variability) of their value.

The EVERSCALE project is at the stage of progressive development and the ecosystem tokens have not yet been fully distributed among the participants taking part in the development of this blockchain platform. This factor significantly slows down the possibility of objectively assessing the value of the entire EVERSCALE ecosystem (current and future) in terms of technological value (by analogy with approaches to assessing the value of classic IT companies).

It should be noted that the factor of significant exchange rate volatility is inherent in ALL known cryptocurrencies. Under the condition of a simple payment for goods, work performed or services provided with EVERSCALE tokens, a conflict of interest arises between the buyer and the seller (with a further decrease in the rate, the buyer wins, the seller - a loss, with an increase in the rate: the seller gains, and the buyer de facto overpays).

There are many options for leveling the volatility of EVERSCALE tokens and, step by step, this article plans to conduct a number of economic studies in order to further publish a series of materials in the framework of further publications, which will also be published on the forum

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Oleksandr Overchuk
Oleksandr Overchuk

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The main characteristic feature of the EVERSCALE blockchain system from an economic point of view is that its EVER tokens are NOT subject to sale on the primary market, but are distributed among the teams of developers, validators, participants of sub-governance (SG) held on the basis of competitions. This means that further resale of Crystals occurs exclusively in the secondary market.

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