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How to buy Crypto with GCash using MetaMask

By supamaku | supamaku | 22 Jan 2024

Axie became popular because of Filipino users playing Play to Earn Games.

Now, more Filipino’s are on-boarding and investing in Crypto and they usually, buy from Coins.PH or Binance using E-payment GCash.

With the recent fear from the statement of Philippines SEC banning BINANCE, and most people are hesitant to use Coins.PH due to their expensive fee’s, I would like to share this little guide on how they can buy Crypto directly to their MetaMask Wallet.

First, make sure They are on the right website buy opening MetaMask wallet and click Portfolio.




I will use Ethereum for my example. Simply click the “Buy” button on Ethereum so you will be directed to the next page.


On the next page, you will see the lowest amount and cost of Ethereum that you can buy. GCash is also selected so just make sure to select find GCash if it’s not there.


Pros: Buying directly to your MetaMask wallet. You don’t have to pay so much fee’s for buying from CEX and paying another fee for transferring or sending it to your MetaMask Wallet.
Cons: As of this writing, you can’t sell directly back to your GCash Account. But according to them, they are working on it.

Hope you find this guide useful.

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