Stop Wasting Your Time On Crypto Faucets

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A crypto faucet is a website or an app that gives you a tiny amount of money for a task you complete. Usually, you have to solve a captcha in order to get paid. Even though most of the faucet websites do pay, is it worth your time to use them? As I know to make a 1$ from most of the crypto faucets you will have to use those faucets every hour and every day for many years. That's neither practical nor worth it. Don't get me wrong though because I know that crypto faucets have their place and if you know any high-paying crypto faucets please feel free to share them with us. Since most crypto faucets only give you a small amount of money let's think about stopping using crypto faucets and let's try to use our free time for more valuable things.

So what can I do with my spare time to make money instead of using crypto faucets?


Well, I am glad you asked. You can start writing articles for a high-paying website. That way not only you can build an audience but be more knowledgeable as you do research to create articles.

My 2nd option for you is to create a YouTube channel and start uploading content. if you have no idea about what to upload just start with your favourite hobby. Let's say you are a Fish keeper then you can create DIY guides, fish store/farm tours, and how-to guides. By doing so one day you can be eligible for Google ad sense and make money that way. In the meantime, you will be creating an audience that you can monetize with things like merchandise. And one more thing you can get sponsored by companies that sell fish stuff. You can do this not only with the fish-keeping hobby but with other hobbies as well.

Build up an Instagram account

Instagram is a cool way to earn money while doing things you love. Let's say you love to travel and you create an Instagram account in the travel niche. Then start uploading photos of your visited places, food you ate, and hotels you stayed in. And with time you will be able to build up a big audience. With that audience, you can start getting deals like free stays from travel agencies and hotels just for you to share their business with your audience. Also, you can do paid posts where someone will pay for you to post something on your Instagram profile. Also, you can sell stuff like your own ebooks and etc.

As with anything you won't be getting paid immediately. I like to see Creating and maintaining social media accounts as an investment. you spend your valuable time and money to build up a social media following. the ultimate goal can be to get recognized and get paid while doing stuff you love. and with that being said I'd like to stop this article right here.

Thanks for reading this article and I will see you in my next article.

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