I Earned 0.00385 LTC In A Few Hours

The website I'm talking about today is "Autofaucet". It is a crypto-earning website. A few years ago I used this website and somehow I forgot about it and in the last month from a PTC ad on another earning website I found this website again and remembered I had an account on it and I was able to log in to my account that day and I earned 0.003 Litecoins in few hours. So today I would like to tell you how you can do the same and earn like that. Let's start. you can click the link below and register on this website using a username and your email address and a password.

Register here:-

After that, you can log into your account using your created username and your password. And your dashboard will look similar to the one in the next image.



To start earning from this website, you need to click on the "Free token" button in the left-side menu. and a sub-menu will open up like in the next picture.


As you can see, there are multiple ways to earn from this website. you can click each one of them and see it yourself but I will briefly tell you a few things about using these options. on this website, by completing small tasks you will earn "Faucet Tokens". The main method of earning these faucet tokens is by visiting short links.


each day you will have at least 100 short links available to visit. but you don't need to visit all of them because some of those short links are very annoying and have too many pop-up ads. On that day when I earned 0.003 LTC, I tried to go through each and every one of them and found out easy to go through shortlinks and created a list of them. so, you guys can easily find, easy to go through shortlinks. I will post that list down below.



The other main method of earning on this website is by using the Offerwalls. currently, they have 12 different Offerwalls. and this is the method that is going to give you the most tokens at once. so go through each Offerwall and try to find out the best ones for you. personally, I use Offerwalls called "Monlix" and "SkippyAds". In Monlix Offerwall there are several quiz offers. those quiz offers have thousands of tokens for you. you can easily find answers to those quiz offers online and use those answers to get some crypto. I earned 20000 tokens from those quiz offers in a few hours.

Bonus Codes

If you want to use bonus codes you need to level up your account. each short link you visit gives you 50 level points. and you can find links to this website's Twitter account and Facebook account in your dashboard. those social media accounts will post bonus codes. currently, there is a bonus code but to use that your account needs to be in level 25. I'm in level 22. so I can't use that code. that's why I said you need to focus on leveling up your account as soon as possible if you want to use all the bonus codes they provide.

How To Convert Your Tokens Into A Cryptocurrency

Alright now, let's talk about how to convert your earned tokens into a cryptocurrency you want. In the main menu of your dashboard, you can find a button that says "Faucet". Click it and it will open up another sub-menu like in the next picture. 



Normally I choose the "Manual Claim". so after you click the "manual claim" button you will be redirected to a new web page. on that webpage, you can choose how many tokens you are going to exchange and to which cryptocurrency you are gonna exchange them. then complete a simple captcha and click on "Claim". see the picture below.


Currently, there are 40 different currencies available on the website for you to choose from. so choose the currency you like and exchange your faucet tokens for it. after that, we can withdraw our funds.

So, How To Withdraw From This Website?

First, you need to go to "Settings>Withdrawal Settings>Settings" and add your wallet addresses. you can add your Faucetpay Wallet address or other direct wallet addresses here. after adding your wallet addresses you need to click on the big "Withdrawal" button in the main menu and choose the coin you want to withdraw in the opening webpage and withdraw your funds to your desired wallet. lastly. I will show you my payment proof in the next pictures.



That's it, guys. Thanks for reading. hope it helps!


P.S. (this was originally posted on my blog on the Coinpayu website and edited a bit before posting here so the timing is correct in the article)

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