Don't Use "Star-Clicks" It Has Too Many Conditions And Requirements To Withdraw

Star Clicks is a PTC website. It is a well-known website in the make money online community. But does it really pay? Let's find out. In Star Clicks, if you don't upgrade your account you are a 'silver member". I was a silver member too. As a silver member, I had 08-10 ads per day to click at the time when I registered. And the minimum withdrawal amount in Star clicks is 50$. if you do the math, it takes 500 days for you to reach the minimum withdrawal amount if everything goes smoothly. but let me tell you it isn't gonna happen because Star Clicks will reduce the amount of ads to 2-5 ads per day with some time. At least that happened to me. but I kept on clicking on ads and after more than two years of clicking I recently reached the 50$ mark.

So I was happy. I thought now I can finally withdraw my money. So I went to the payout request section and filled in the form to request a withdrawal and clicked on the Transfer Button. To my surprise, the site displayed the following message.


Now they are asking for information they didn't want in the first place. To work on the site I didn't have to provide my private information but when I wanted to get a payment "Star-Clicks" needed more information about me. I know these are conditions they put there to make it harder to request a withdrawal. Anyhow I opened the email they sent to me. you can see it down below.



As you can see they are asking for a copy of my ID, proof of address, and tax authority confirmation. I got fed up. they are asking too much information for a 50$ payout. If they were up-front about it when I signed up I wouldn't have started working on the site. but no they don't ask that when you sign up because they want new ad clickers to make money from advertisers. So before going to collect these documents I went to Google and typed "Is Star-Clicks a scam?" and found some information about this document requirement. even though some people have provided these documents they say the site didn't approve the documents or release the payout. It's a huge waste of time. Some even complained the site blocked or deleted their accounts. you can find more information if you visit the beer money forum and Trustpilot website.

So I'm not even going to try to get those required documents or provide those to them. no one knows what they will do with those documents. and I won't use the "Star-Clicks" site anymore. if you ask me if I would recommend the site to newcomers? My answer is "No". don't register on Star-Clicks you will get frustrated at the end as they ask for too much information at the request of your withdrawal. It was a huge waste of time and it's not worth it.

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