ETH Gas Limit Issues and probable solution

By Satan19 | Stunning Research | 1 Sep 2020

ETH Gas Limit Issues:


If you were to carry out certain transaction in Ethereum blockchain, you’d have to pay certain amount that covers the cost of computing for your transaction, which is known as paying gas. Problem with this system is that there’s no way to predetermine how much computation is required so you need to enter a gas limit for your transactions.


Before a transaction you will set the gas amount and gas limit that you are willing to pay. In simplified term it’s the payment for the miner processing your transaction you’d like them to have. Now if you set too low gas limit the probability of executing your transaction decreases as your gas may run out and if that happens you will have to resubmit it, costing more gas fees.


The solution:


UNIFI presents THE NITROUS LAYER works by burning the coin or token on one chain and using the proof of burn to mint tokens on a new chain, allowing coins to quickly and easily move across different blockchains. The coins on expensive or congested blockchains can allow UNIFI or the other linked blockchains to process their transactions for them, which provides a faster and cheaper experience for end-users.


ETH Gas limit issues (plague of crypto industry) can be solved effectively by submitting the proof of burn to mint tokens on a new chain allowing the faster and cheaper movements of coins across various blockchains, and we are excited to welcome THE NITROUS LAYER in the industry.



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