Selling stuff on Depop for a little cash 🤑

By Squeaker | Student Hustler | 17 Mar 2021


If you live in the UK and are a student like me, I can guarantee you've heard of Depop!

It's basically an eBay, but for clothes. It includes a huge marketplace where you can find all sorts of clothes/clothing accessories, from small local shops to OG vintage classics. What's great on Depop is usually clothes are pretty cheap and is a great source of super original clothes. You can literally find stuff from the 80's resurfacing in perfect condition. This said there's also quite a lot of 'meh' stuff, but I guess it's to be expected. 

A really cool thing about Depop is how it mimics instagram in it's presentation, take a look 👀




Thanks to this great looking and easy to use app, Depop is by far the most popular marketplace in the UK. Therefore visibility is super easy!!!! Honestly I sold all 3 of my items in about a month of activity although I literally have 0 followers!!! (Just remember to put all the tags and hashtags or you listing will never be found 😅)



I sold for a total of £60... now it's to be expected that Depop charges a small fee for transactions 😔

And of course they take a whole 10% commission (ouch 🥶) and in addition you have to pay Paypal fees (2.9% + £0.30)

So in the end only £51.96 ended up in my bank account... not great :(


Depop is great if you want to sell some old tshirts or a jumper thats a little small, but launching a full blown store is going to be hard, as your margins will have to be high, and high prices aren't exactly the best for Depop selling. 

In addition, if you start making a little money, don't forget the government is gonna start wanting it's 30% income tax for self-employed. 

So yeah, not too sure about long term viability, but Depop certainly is worth it if you just wanna get rid of some the wardrobe for a little cash 💸

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