Why should you invest in SMT ?

By The Unknown | Student Coin project | 27 Aug 2021

As you may have read in my previous articles about the Smart Marketing Token ICO and its huge success (my previous articles HERE and HERE ), this token dedicated to marketing is very promising while its ICO ends only in 65 days. So it is still possible to invest at low cost!

As a reminder, here is a summary of what this new token will allow. I put you the link in description with all the necessary documentation that will answer all your potential questions. 

What is SMT

The most interesting thing about this project is what's to come! Indeed, the main partner is Student Coin and it is on the Student Coin Exchange that the SMT can be traded. The Student Coin project itself is progressing well and should see the SMT listed on its exchange at the end of the ICO, at least I hope so. Let's have a look at the SMT Roadmap!

SMT Roadmap

We see that by the end of October, SMT will be listed and above all there will be a very interesting staking option ! And it's the beginning of 2022 that will probably see SMT moon with the active and useful use of this token in the marketing field by agencies or other companies.

SMT Roadmap

Don't forget that to buy Smart Marketing Token, you need a Student Coin wallet. You can do it here. People who have stacked STC since the launch of the project also received some for free during the first airdrops.

This project is really crazy with a huge potential, just like the LEAN project which I will describe in my next article, because the LEAN ICO is coming soon!

Have a nice weekend to all the crypto addicts.

The Unknown

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