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Student Coin's FAQ : the most important questions to answer !

By The Unknown | Student Coin project | 4 Apr 2021

In this article, I propose to study together the FAQ of the Student Coin project in order to answer the central questions of the project and which are obviously essential to know before investing your money. Thus, you will have all the cards in hand to make your choice to invest or not in the STC.

Obviously, the first basic question is:

What is Student Coin?

To answer it, I propose you the official answer of the project's FAQ.

"The tokens will be widely used shortly of the global economy. Student Coin is a blockchain-based project that builds the world's first platform for the easy tokenization of people, firms, startups and finance. With the Student Coin people and organizations can create their token, build their brand, and manage its utilities.
Student Coin builds the STC Terminal that allows for the establishment of any token without programming knowledge. With STC Terminal everyone will be able to create the following types of tokens: personal tokens startup tokens organizational tokens corporate tokens DeFi Tokens (Decentralized Finance) NFT Tokens (Non-fungible tokens)
The tokens created with the Student Coin will be freely traded, crowdfunded and listed at STC Exchange - the advanced investment platform.
You can read more about Student Coin, its mission and utilities in its whitepaper."

As you can see, the project is concrete with a real goal and objective!

What is the STC Exchanges? (currently unavailable)

It's simply the place where the different STC-based tokens will be managed and exchanged. This is where you will be able to stack your STCs but also where the owner of a project will be able to directly raise funds via crowdfunding for example.

What is the difference between STC and other projects?

Answer from the FAQ:

"Student Coin started as an educational and university-based project. The Student Coin aims to build the long term solution for the real fundamental values of blockchain - that is wide-scale tokenization.
Student Coin connects education about blockchain, the rapidly growing sector of tokenization and long-term vision of the development. These three factors will make Student Coin the next big thing.
To read more about Student Coin competition check the documentation."

Important point now, the legal aspect. As you may have already read in one of my previous articles, this point is crucial for the reliability of the project but also for investors to have confidence in it. So we can legitimately ask ourselves the following question:

Is the STC legal and regulated?

The answer is YES, and fortunately! The Core Team claims that everything is in order according to European standards. The answer:

"Yes, We are operating as a fully regulated Ltd. company under the European Union law and regulations."

What is the STC Token?

As you may have understood, the STC is the central token of the next one, with which all exchanges or projects will take place. The main features of this token are:

"What is the fundamental value of the STC Token? STC Token has a range of utilities that are based on the real blockchain utilities. Mainly, STC will be used by investors to: receive a dividend from fees at STC Exchange (via staking) trade every of the STC-based tokens, as STC will be the only reference currency invest in all the crowdfundings performed at STC Exchange Decentralize Loans of DeFi tokens issued with STC Terminal Pay for the NFT Tokens of the Student Coin NFT store Pay fees for premium options at STC Terminal and many more."

I would like to point out that you cannot mine STC but you can only purchase it either on exchanges that have pre-listed STC (there are actually 4 minor exchanges) or on the STC Launchpad ICO which I recommend as it is much safer and more reliable at the moment. To get there, you can use this link.

I hope that this has clarified things for you and that the Student Coin project is now a bit clearer for you. See you soon for the new steps, this year will be rich in events for the STC project !

The Unknown.

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