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Smart Marketing Token's ICO, the day after !

By The Unknown | Student Coin project | 3 Aug 2021

As you probably know, since yesterday the SMT Lauchpad was launched for all investors wishing to acquire Smart Marketing Tokens.

Here is a small reminder in image of what will bring this token based on the Student Coin.

What is SMT

It has been 24 hours since the ICO was launched. After a great start (see my article on the state of play after 1 hour), the following hours were a bit quieter, although more than 1000 people bought some!

Do you think this project will go to phase 100? Give me your opinion in comments. 

Remember that the starting price was 0.5$ and that each phase increases the price by 0.005$. Currently in phase 14 of 100, you can buy SMT for $0.565. Don't wait too long because if the 100 phase is reached, the price will be much higher (I let you do the calculation ;)).

However, there is another way to earn SMT, and that is by buying Student Coin (STC) and then stacking them. Indeed, during the stacking STC, airdrops are given in order to remunerate the people blocking Student Coin.

After 24 hours, we are at phase 14 and more than 265'000$ have already been raised !!!


If you want to be part of it, you can click here, create a Student Coin account and buy SMT. By clicking on my link, you will get a 5% bonus on your purchase and you will also make me very happy ;)

The Unknown


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