CoviD vs VitD

By jwenqc | Struggling Noob | 13 Sep 2020

A recent study in Israel suggests a link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 infection.

This may explain the reason why our street children rarely catch COVID-19 as compared to people who are indoors. Street children and people who are exposed to the sun have adequate vitamin D in their blood that helps protect from COVID the research said.


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The research performed a test to a number of COVID positive patient found that they have low vitamin D. Elderly people who usually stay at home and are not exposed to the sun has probably low vitamin D in them so they are prone from COVID-19.

Bats are nocturnal animals and that may explain why they find Coronavirus from them but they have developed immunity with it.



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We might not need a Covid-19 vaccine if we have adequate vitamin D in our blood. Keep safe everyone. Try to get as much sun as you could but wear your COVID-19 PPE while outside.

They concluded that:

Results from this study suggest that populations should be urged to get more sunlight exposure in order to decrease Covid-19 risk. Oral vitamin D uptake should be encouraged, preferably in the form of drops.

Medical experts said there could still be other factors for the spread of COVID-19.

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Recent studies suggest a link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 infection

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