SpecTruth announces ten (10) social responsible airdrops in 2022. #AMZN will be the first

SpecTruth announced plans to deploy ten (10) new meme tokens in 2022 with the majority of benefit going towards social causes.  Starting in March, a new social meme token will be deployed every month to build awareness and fund charitable causes while dispelling the stigma that cryptocurrency trading is bad for the environment. 

#AMZN will be the first of its monthly socially responsible meme tokens and is scheduled for March 2022.  The funds raised with #AMZN will go towards purchasing large scale tracts of unspoiled land in the Amazon rainforest for preservation.  With proper planning, we believe millions of acres of land can be protected from deforestation. For example; if #AMZN can perform half as well as Shibu Inu, over 50 million acres of amazon rainforest could be preserved. 

Shibu Inu is mentioned because speculative cryptocurrency traders watched Shibu Inu create a market cap exceeding $18.5 billion dollars.  Its original listing price of $.000000000056 per token increased to its current price of $.00003379 (that’s an increase of 59,898,465%).  Yes, that is almost a 60 million percent return.  No wonder there are new cryptocurrency millionaires made daily and why so many speculative traders are willing to gamble on meme tokens. 

The developers at SpecTruth believe speculative traders will trade as long as there is profit to be earned so why not create trading opportunities for speculative traders AND help important social causes?    

With similar coding to Shibu Inu, SpecTruth will launch #AMZN and as a reward for its STRUE holders, 5% of each token minted will be airdropped to its STRUE holders determined the day of minting.  Five-percent (5%) of #AMZN's minting would generate fifty (50) tokens for every STRUE token.  In other words, every STRUE token held will receive fifty (50) #AMZN tokens.  For example, a person holding 1,000,000 STRUE tokens would receive 50,000,000 #AMZN tokens if they own STRUE when #AMZN is deployed.  This will be true for all new meme tokens deployed. 

Plus, holders of our new social-benefit meme tokens will be proud to display their meme tokens owned on social media. (similar to "WWJD" or the Lance Armstrong bands people would wear.) 


The planned airdrops will start with and grow as demands grows:

Token's Symbol: #AMZN
Token's Name: Amazon Preserve
Token's Purpose: Purchase millions of Amazon rainforest acres for preservation.


Token's Symbol: #BCATS
Token's Name: Big Cats
Token's Purpose: Big Cats will help current big cat sanctuaries and establish a new state-of-the-art big cat sanctuary in Eastern Europe to assist in wild big cat repopulation.


Token's Symbol: #BLWVS
Token's Name: Blue Waves
Token's Purpose: Funding ocean cleanup projects.


Token's Symbol: #FREED
Token's Name: Freedom for Everyone
Token's Purpose:  Fund non profits ending modern slavery. Right now, there are currently 38 million people estimated to be slaves.


Token's Symbol: #FREES
Token's Name: Free Speech
Token's Purpose: create and fund non partisan news sources without commentary. 


Token's Symbol: #FWATER
Token's Name: Fresh Water
Token's Purpose: Fund projects that are providing clean drinking water. 


Token's Symbol: #MERIT

Token's Name: Merit Scholarships
Token's Purpose: Scholarships based on merit alone without gender, race or religion as factors.


Token's Symbol: #SHRMZ
Token's Name: Shrooms
Token's Purpose: Fund projects that replace Styrofoam with mycelium


Token's Symbol: #TREES
Token's Name: Million Trees
Token's Purpose: Fund the planting of one million exotic trees. 


Token's Symbol: #WVET
Token's Name: Warriors and Veterans
Token's Purpose: Educate veterans to create livable wages using the metaverse.




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Spectruth, "Meta for All"

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