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Future of Crypto

What I Think The Future Of Crypto Will Be Like (just some ideas)

By Strobe-Wan Kenobe | StrobeLight | 7 Dec 2021

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money, we all should know this by now.


I believe that within 10-15 more years crypto will be used for public and private business/personal transactions more than the U.S. dollar. The 2021 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice has found that cash payments represented 19% of all transactions in the US in 2020.This was 7 percentage points down from 2019. So, there is a significant decline in the use of cash in the USA. I can't be sure which cryptocurrencies will be used for exchanging goods and services because most of the crypto's we have now will not be around in 10-15 years. Crypto's like Bitcoin and Ethereum most likely won't be used for transactions, but will be used for a store of money, similar to gold and silver. No one will want to spend Bitcoin or Ethereum on clothes, food, or gas when the price could be 5%+ higher a day or two later. By the time we are all using crypto for purchasing goods and services there will most likely be a couple new coins and tokens that we will use in the U.S., and certain ones even for when we travel to other countries to use instead of having to exchange cash or use credit cards and be charged a fee for both. 


Unfortunately the government loves to get involved in anything and everything so if they haven't already they will make a crypto and regulate it much like the U.S. dollar, and it would eventually end up with the same inflationary problems. The only way to stop it would be if everyone simply didn't give in and use it. There will obviously be some people that would start using it immediately just because the government told them to, without even knowing what they are getting into (the same ones that couldn't wait to get the covid vaccine and, now, any and all boosters available). With a Federal crypto coin, run by the Feds and/or the IRS, the government could track any and all incoming and outgoing transactions, know how much money everyone has, and be able to tax every transaction automatically, thus making it fully centralized and the opposite of what crypto was invented to help against: GOVERNMENT OVERREACH. 


Recently I have been learning different languages of coding. I have been having thoughts of creating my 3rd cryptocurrency, one that is similar to the dollar, to be used for trading for goods and services but will hold it's value indefinitely. Also I have been contemplating making an exchange that is for the people, by the people. One that has far less fees, just enough to run off and pay the bills, is easy and simple to navigate even for non-tech-savvy individuals, and is more secure than exchanges that claim to be the safest but aren't. If anyone reading this has any ideas or suggestions then please comment what is on your mind, I would love to hear feedback about this. Obviously these are just ideas, but everything that is and ever was, started out as just an idea. 

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Strobe-Wan Kenobe
Strobe-Wan Kenobe

I love all cryptos, I don’t discriminate.


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