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How I'm paying the bills with LRC

By Strobe-Wan Kenobe | StrobeLight | 10 Dec 2021

LRC is my biggest play, recently, to day-trade. I have other coins that I day-trade with, and others that I hold for years. Most of them are doing fairly well, but LRC is my biggest money-maker at the moment.

Before this most recent dip/"crash" at the beginning of Dec 2021 I was day-trading a portion of my LRC coins, roughly 6-7k LRC. I don't day-trade all of my coins, only some because if something happens then I won't lose everything I have. I would buy around the $2.65-$2.85 range and sell in the $3.05-$3.35 range. I did this for a few times, making great profit each time, and gaining more coins to add to my wallet each time as well.


I don't hold my day-trading coins overnight, usually. Even though there's the possibility of making profit while I'm sleeping, I would rather wake up with the same amount of money than wake up and be down money and have to wait to get it all back, as I have experienced too many times. Sometimes waiting months just to get back even and then have it dip again before I catch it.

Because of myself not holding these coins overnight I was waiting for the next dip to buy back in and that's when this last big dip happened. I wasn't sure when to buy back in so I set a buy order for $2.35, $2.20, and $2. Most of my money was set to buy at $2.35 because I wasn't sure how low it would go, which it dipped all the way into the low $1.70 range :'( . In the end I made out with over 12k coins and have made over $6k in the past 2 days, buying low selling high, with most of it just within 2 hours or so (12/8, 4:30pm est). I sold all of them at $2.95 ($2.985 being the peak) then bought back in right away at $2.75 when it dropped to $2.73, sold at $2.90 right at the next peak (got lucky with that one cause it dipped hard again). I knew it wasn't going to hold at these prices since it was up 17+% so I waited a while until it dropped and bought back in at $2.40 the next morning. It dropped down to $2.35 but has since risen and has been fluctuating between $2.45 and $2.62. I will hold my position until I see more profit since every $0.10 it rises or dips is another $1,240. Before the big dip it was steadily fluctuating in the $3 range so I expect it to be up there again soon so I will just keep day-trading LRC until I feel it's the right time to bail.


Remember to always have an exit strategy because, just like what I'm doing now, IT WON'T LAST FOREVER

I always tell people to HODL your coins, but if you are smart and stick to a good trading strategy you can make great money day-trading as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to reach out or comment below. All are welcome. All are appreciated.

This is not financial advice, as I am not a financial advisor. Everything in this post is my personal experiences that have worked for me. These results are not typical and won't be the same for everyone. Please do your own research before investing yours, or someone else's money into anything. I hope the best for all of you in your investing journeys. 


If you would like to donate, or invest, to help me build my business I would be very thankful. I have been learning different coding languages, building websites, creating NFT's, and learning all things blockchain. Big things are coming. The future of crypto and blockchain is in our hands. The sky is the limit if we all stand together.

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Strobe-Wan Kenobe
Strobe-Wan Kenobe

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