I've found 5 legit ways to earn crypto

By TradingStrikes | strikingtrades | 10 Aug 2019

I have scoured through the most basic layers of blockchain in search of reputable and established ways that your grandma could earn crypto and this is what I found



I was hooked as soon as I read about Brave on their home page, and this browser is fast. You can find lots of information here on Publish0x so I wont go on much further. All I had to do was make space for a new browser icon by removing Safari and I have been earning about $.20 a day is BAT.

-I estimate $60 a year 



This is a incentivized social media community but it's not commercial and spammy like Facebook or Minds. Its a super simplistic website with a very large variety of subject matter. What makes this site tick, is that rewards given by readers can reward them back. Another important thing is that  they have been around since 2017 at least.

-I estimate $100+



Publish0x is a new one for me and I really enjoy it so far. I am just getting into the basic understanding of it by writing about what I enjoy and find interesting. It feels good to use the tipping system and give to others based on their efforts to post content. I hope the traffic increases and the quality writing keeps getting better and better.

-I estimate $100 a year? Not quite sure yet



I signed up for Coinbase and got my first $40 crypto from their learn and earn offers by just watching a short videos. By far the most profitable time iv'e spent in the crypto world. I was give DAI, ETH, EOS, and XLF. The videos gave me information that really cleared up some questions I had as well.

-$40 might be a one time thing



The last one is Nexo and it is a blockchain bank that I have started holding any extra income in to earn interest. They can instantly send that money to my bank if I need it and they offer a line of credit that I can use in real life. Im gonna stop here because  I dont want to get too much into the details about all of the questions one might have when it comes to personal finance so you will have to discover more about this on you own. Give em a call or chat with them on their website.

Estimate 8% interest

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