World War III: What food is good to store for war?

By R_Bold | Strike | 7 Mar 2022

Yesterday I went to our local store. I was pretty selective this time on my shopping list, leaving out "luxuary" items. " We need to save money, I told to the seller, as we don't know what will happen with the war in Ukraine" 

The war in Ukraine sounds so far from us, but wasn't it like that with Covid 19? I remember I read for Covid 19 accidentally on one of the main medias. The title was bombastic as they usually do to draw attention: Read about the misterious virus in China that makes people falling to ground. 

I read the news, watched a couple short videos of people falling on the ground and I moved on to the next news. I had no clue that two months later that misterious virus would paralyze and shut down the whole world. 

So I am hoping it will not be the same with the war in Ukraine. They are talking about possible World War III but for us it seems like a joke. A war in 2022? Nope! This is how some of us felt when they were talking for a month for the threat to Ukraine. Some thought that Putin was joking, journalists were just exagerating the news for more clicks. There will be no war. There were even memes about that. And then Feb 24th- Ukraine woke up under bombing. 

So, if the war will escalate and affect the whole world, how should we prepare for that? 

I read today an article suggesting that we build secret rooms. And I thought I live in an apartment block, all my rooms face the terrace, big windows as I love light, so how do I build a secret room where nobody will find us :) Besides that, in a country like mine you have to ask permission from city office to even put a nail in your wall, not to talk about building a secret room. Before Russians come and bomb me, I guarantee that the municipal police will sorround my apartment and call me to surrender!

The other suggestion was to watch youtube videos and learn how to use a gun, a knife etc. Maybe I register for a martial art class in my neighborhood!

Food- I did a search today on internet on what type of food to get? They say cans, chips, chocolates, granulas. That sounds smart, while everyone has rushed into the stores to buy all the flour, nobody is thinking about cans, chocolates and granulas or dried fruits. Speaking of flour, I loved the seller's comment last night: 

So many people came and bought all the flour in the shop, what will they do with that flour if electricity and gass, and water are cut? 

Yes that's right. That's the sad situation in some of the cities that are bombed and destroyed in Ukraine, no electricity, no gas. 

So why bothering to buy flour, or someone I heard who prophesied to buy beans. How will you cook beans if you don't have electricity or gas or even woods to start a fire? 

It is normal for us to think about having enough supplies in order to survive, and yet I ask lets say we succedded to store enough supply for three or six months, what comes next? 

I think of past generations who went through war, how did they survive? 

And one day every one of us will die, no matter how much we try to postpone our death, we will face it. What is then that scares us so much about death? Ceasing to exist or are we deep inside aware that there is another reality after life that we should be prepared for and we are not prepared, that's why we don't have peace but try to run as far as possible from death? 

Why do we live as if we will never die? 

How can we be prepared to face death with dignity and peace? 





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