What is happening with Dogecoin

By R_Bold | Strike | 16 Apr 2021

Today Facebook feeds was filled with posts about Doge coin. One of my friends said that those who bought doge coin for 10 cent were lucky, as today is not a good day to invest. 

My son told me to buy doge coins. When I asked him how much is one, I thought he was kidding. I said "no". Because I still am on the sceptics side, watching those who are swimming into the cryptocurrency, but I am not ready yet to dive in. But those brave ones who are the first, are usually those who benefit most. The spirit of entrepreneurship makes the difference, and few are those who have it. We wonder how they reached where they reached but it all happened with a crazy idea, a risk step into an unknown territory. That is the reward of being a pioneer. Some risks may take us into failure, but it is better than to loose a great opportunity. 

So today I will not buy Doge, it is late, but what is a crypto currency that might jump into the market in the near future and will take by surprise all crypto land habitants? 



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