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War in Ukraine

By R_Bold | Strike | 3 Mar 2022

It has been a heavy week with heavy news and emotions because I have friends on both countries. My heart breaks as I read stories of people I know and their friends, families stuck in Ukraine trying to leave the country. Some of them have decided to stay and serve to those who are in need as elderly people who can not walk, orphans abandoned, single moms, pregnant women, international students trying to get the train to a safer place or out of the country. I hear than how crowdy the trains are and how people in panic are not seeing that they might trample children or elder people in their attempt to save their life. Then I watch videos of young Russian soldiers who are distressed and testify that they were not told they were going to war, they cry they call their home. I am caught between both realities, both a disaster and human indescribably pain. I don't want to go into politics . My heart is aching to see inncoent people suffering and dying. After covid restrictions being lifted up and easing, it felt as life was going back to normal, but now we have to deal with another humanitarian crises and get again news every day of many people dying, this time not from an invisible enemy as covid.

I sit to eat with my family and I feel grateful we have food at the table and are not hiding in a shelter. I feel grateful we are at peace, at the same time kind of guilty that while we are at peace there are thousands of people going through hell. You feel totally powerless to help change the situation. You can do nothing but to pray for their safety and peace to establish. I go to bed hoping that next day the news will be different. They will say that the war stopped and they arranged an agreement. That seems so impossible now to happen, but it can happen if there is the will to stop this crazyness.

Even though we are far, things can get complicated for many of us, if flights will be affected. I have several bussiness trips outside the country and I dont want to go. I am afraid things might evolve in an unpredictable way and I can not return home to my kids. What if we experience another March 2020 when in a matter of two days all airports shut down and you try to find your way back home? 

Do you remember life before March 2020? Do you remember those joyful vacations, fun time with family, friends, the peaceful times, when we worried about little things as do I wear this or that? Or what hair color or haircut style is trendy this summer or fall? Or nail designs? 

Well we are learning what really matters in life, when covid sorrounds you and you are separated from your loved ones for a year not being able to see them. And now all those families and people in Ukraine and even those on the Russian army have to fight for their life. And each one of them has only one treasure to keep: their lives and the lives of those whom they love. The Ukrainian trying to keep their families alive, sending their loved ones across the border hoping to see them again one day, the Russians trying to stay alive so they can return home again to their loved ones. Lord have mercy and make this war stop, make this bloodshed and crazyness stop. Make the hearts return to you so they pursue love and peace with their neighbors instead of death. 

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