Stratis Core wallet update

Stratis Core wallet update

By Bogdanel | Stratis Fans | 14 Mar 2019

Hello all,

Last night we had the long awaited update for Stratis CORE Wallet. In previous release CORE had some issues with staking and connection , and with V1.1.0 released last night , these problems dissapeard. New Core runs faster than 1.0.0 , connects faster to peers and all problems reported in previous version dissapeard.

If you didn't update it yet and you are still running QT wallet please find here a Guide for migrating :

Please CLOSE QT wallet before running CORE wallet ! 

Pay attention on CORE at your security words !! Write them somewhere safe, because you will need them in case you need to recover WALLET

Core being a HD wallet, you need to transfer your coins from QT ( is not working to move wallet.dat file from QT to CORE ). 


Once that more of 95% holders move to Core , Cold staking will be activated. You can check progress for Cold Staking here


You can download STRATIS CORE from HERE



Also with last night release Stratis team released FULL NODE V 3.0.2 

A brief summary of the key items addressed in this release can be found below:

  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Denial-of-Service prevention
  • Improvement of Peer-to-Peer networking
  • Addition of  various API endpoints
  • Addition of RPC methods for exchange support


Official announcement : here


Thanks for reading it,



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