Stratis A Year in Review 2018
Stratis A Year in Review 2018

By Khilone | Stratis Fans | 5 Mar 2019


2018 has been a challenging year for most of us. Sentiment changed, price declined and a lot of people left the crypto space. Despite all of that there is a bright side, a few projects kept building and improving their self in the darkest days and Stratis is one of them. In this article, I will take you on a journey, the journey of Stratis in 2018. You will read about development milestones, clients, partnerships, projects that are building on top of the platform, conferences, the community and the road ahead.

I have been with Stratis since their ICO (June 2016) and I have been helping them for over two and a half years, all voluntarily. A lot of people don’t understand why I would do this, it mainly comes down to belief in the Stratis blockchain, the idea, the team and the community. I sincerely think Stratis can have a long-lasting impact on the crypto space and you can expect me to help in every way I can to make this possible. I am not alone in this and certainly not the only volunteer, every community member that helps Stratis out does this voluntarily.

Every single one of you motivates me to step up my game and keeps me doing what I love to do and do best, spread information about Stratis all across the crypto space.


2018 was a very productive year for the Stratis Development team, in 2018 Stratis released the core platform in production. This is something Stratis has been working on since their launch in 2016. The centerpiece of Stratis Development is the Stratis C# Full Node. The Full Node is the heart and soul of the platform and everything else will be built on top of it.

Two of the core products that are built on top of the Full Node are Smart Contracts in C# and Sidechains which were released in production last year. Stratis is the first project to deliver Turing complete smart contracts that are not executed by a patched together version of the Ethereum VM which is quite a big thing.

The releases in 2018 (ordered on date):

Below is the roadmap of Q4 2018, all the other roadmaps of 2018 have been successfully completed. The reason I share this roadmap is because it’s the core production platform.


Actions speak louder than words and the roadmap deliveries in 2018 tell you the story of Stratis in 2018, which has been all about launching their core platform in production.

The core platform has been released in 2018 and 2019 most likely will be the year of improving the core platform, adding more tools to the platform in order to make it easier for developers and users. I want to take this opportunity to thank every single member of the Stratis Development team for their fantastic work across 2018.


When you release your platform in production the logical next step is onboarding clients. Stratis is a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform and offers consultancy to their clients. This is were Stratis will receive their source of income. In 2018 Stratis announced three clients that will be using their services and bring revenue to Stratis.

Clients in 2018 (ordered on date):


With the production platform in place, I can only imagine how many projects are looking into Stratis right now, whether they will become clients or build on top of Stratis on their own, both will add value to the Stratis Platform. Clients will bring in revenue which potentially leads to Stratis scaling out as a company. Clients also will bring awareness and adoption of the platform just like any other project building on top of Stratis.

With the right marketing and sales, 2019 should be a year where a lot of awareness and adoption is created for the Stratis Platform.

Stratis Projects

Not all projects will fit the requirements to become an official client of Stratis and that’s where the beauty of open-source platforms kicks in. Projects can be built on top of the Stratis Platform without the permission of Stratis.

Community member Crimejoker made the website to follow the projects that are built on top of the Stratis Platform.

In 2018 a lot of projects started to look into Stratis and some of them already made a start of building their solutions on top of the Stratis Platform. Looking at 2019 realistically the numbers of projects building on top of the Stratis Platform should become larger. I am looking forward to all of the projects building on Stratis, good luck to all the projects out there.



Stratis didn’t focus on development alone. They concentrated on spreading the word of their technology and what they are trying to achieve in the longer-term. What’s a better way of presenting yourself than crypto conferences? A lot of interested parties gather and want to talk with upcoming blockchain platforms about their business, an investment opportunity, looking for a job as a developer or meet the people they have been following for a long time. So that’s what Stratis did, focus on conferences.

Conferences in 2018 (ordered on date):


Stratis didn’t just go to these conferences, on all the conferences they were either the main sponsor or one of the highest ranked sponsors. This resulted in one of the biggest and best-placed booths and logo’s of Stratis everywhere. I went to the Blockchain Expo in London and Amsterdam and can tell you from my experience that it was a great success and it was fantastic meeting everyone. If you want to read more about the conferences and my experience:

I expect 2019 to be a year of more conferences, meet-ups and other ways of spreading the word about Stratis.


Partnerships in crypto are something you have to watch closely, a lot of projects intentionally use partnerships in a tricky way and make them appear more than they are. Stratis is not one of these projects and always kept partnerships on a low key and only share something about partnerships if it is worth mentioning.

Partners in 2018 (ordered on date):

One of the perks of the partnership with Microsoft is Stratis can add projects on their Microsoft Azure platform. Currently, the Full Node and ICO Platform are available on the Azure marketplace:

If you want to read more about the C# Corner partnership you can read my blog “Why C# Corner is a HUGE deal for Stratis” here.



In 2018 multiple videos about Stratis came to surface, some of them are interviews and some of them are production videos from Stratis itself.

Below are links to all the released videos in 2018:


Community in Numbers

I talked a lot about the Stratis community in 2018 and described them as one big family. I am truly blessed to be in the middle of it all with every single one of you out there. In 2018 Stratis left Slack with over 10,000 Community members and moved over to Discord to built a more secure place for the community. A lot happened during the year and at the end of the year, I am proud to show you the Stratis community in numbers.

We witnessed the bear-market all together and we kept supporting Stratis, I want to thank every single one of you out there for that. Let’s make 2019 our year!


Community Achievements

Stratis started their journey in 2016 and since that day I have been supporting Stratis in all capacities possible. Over this time I saw a lot of people join, stick around and others went away. 2018 is the year Pharaoh, Acetmesis and I have been working together every day on a lot of things for Stratis and the community and it motivates us to see a lot of others do the same. Below is a list of all the things that are run by the community or created by the community:


I encourage every single one of you to keep on doing these amazing things. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small all help is appreciated. Let’s spread the beautiful blue word Stratis across the crypto galaxy together.


What will 2019 have stored for Stratis? With the core production platform out, I expect Stratis to focus on getting more clients, partnerships, community developers and marketing. All of this combined should be the catalyst for greater awareness and more adoption of the platform.

There is a significant role to play for the community, as Stratis continues to focus on the enterprise side and on their own business, there is a gap to be filled which is the crypto space. The community has been filling this gap and I expect us to keep doing this and improving on it in 2019. We are in this all together and I am sure we are capable of doing big things together. I hope we all rise to the occasion and I will be there every single step of the way.

Let’s make 2019 a great year!


All the best to everyone!


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