How to buy Strat coin ?

How to buy Strat coin ?

By Bogdanel | Stratis Fans | 2 Sep 2020

What's Stratis ?


The philosophy at Stratis is to focus on how blockchain can streamline business processes. At the same time, Stratis Platform  realize the importance of reducing the complexity of blockchain adoption and implementation.

Blockchain concepts such as “reducing the need for trust” and “increasing transparency” are approached from an applied blockchain perspective. Applied blockchain breaks down use cases so the most effective enterprise blockchain solutions can be devised.


First of all Strat is token of STRATIS PLATFORM .

For a newcomer always first question after you read about one coin is , from where can I buy it?

To buy / sell Strat token you need to register/login ( if you already have account) into one of this exchanges :


Poloniex : Pairs BTC-STRAT here 

Binance : Pairs BTC-STRAT here 

Bittrex : Pairs BTC-STRAT here 

Upbit : Pairs BTC - STRAT here 

HitBTC : Pairs BTC- STRAT here 

Beaxy : incoming


Buy with crypto or directly with your credit card :

Changelly USD/Eur - STRAT here 

LiteBit  USD/Eur - STRAT here 

CoinDirect USD/Eur- Strat here 

CoinSwitch USD/Eur - Strat here app


Where to store it?

If you bought any Strat and you want to store it , you have few options :

  • Send to exchange address ( is not indicated to hold your coins in exchanges)


  • Send to Stratis official wallet ( can be downloaded from here )


  • Send to Ledger ( yes , Stratis is available on Ledger, known as best and safest way to store crypto. Read here )


  • Coinomi mobile wallet (IOS/Android)








This is not an investment advice,NEVER do not spend more than you own.



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