The Skeleton and The Lioness

By Jawbone | Story time | 30 Jan 2019

A skeleton. That's how he saw himself. Animated yet empty. With no substance to give, nothing inside whatsoever and no way to hold that which would be nourishing. Passion, love and friendship just passed through, seeds on a summer breeze, unable to take root on his bare bones. He knew this and avoided those who would take him, the ones with full bodies and much to give. He had nothing to offer back.

The Lioness licked her paw absently, vaguely watching the skeleton from her hide. She saw him avoid the full bodies. The skeletons actions perplexed her, in her years of watching others like him she had learned that they strive to be with those that own themselves, taking everything offered and giving nothing back. This one seemed to accept his fate and hold no desire to feed on the fullness of others, to take what he could not hold. She raised her head, thinking to roar at this new find, yet all she could do was watch the skeleton closer........

He felt her, he felt the lioness watching him, something warm on his bleached bones. He paused at this. He hadn't felt warmth for as long as the oceans had been wet, he stopped and looked around. Nothing. Just the warmth.

The Lioness tilted her head at the skeleton, what was he doing? Why had he paused? She searched his emptiness, peering into each empty room of what may have once been a soul. Nothing. Wait....A long unused door wouldn't yield to her will. Something was there.

He had to sit down, he knew the lioness was searching him, he FELT her. He felt something else too, he was wet. Moisture was glimmering on the surface of his bones.

The Lioness offered the door a quiet snarl and sat down, she sensed a heat building behind it, a heat she found herself wanting.

The moisture wasn't on his bones. It was IN his bones. Seeping out, smelling vaguely familiar, teasing him with a memory he couldn't quite grasp He pushed his finger into his thigh and felt a slight give, he wasn't dry anymore, not just powder held together at the whim of the Gods. He felt her, her soft paws along the hallways of what he once was. Keep searching, keep searching, you're getting close.

She stood and walked to the door, the warmth was now accompanied by a scent that had no right living behind a door in a skeletons psyche. It danced on her senses, rising a heat inside her that she couldn't resist, didn't want to resist, she wanted what was behind that door.

The skeleton shifted on the seat, the moisture was turning red, veins and sinew had begun to form. Muscle wrapped itself around his bones, tendons flexed. He closed what he assumed were his eyes and searched for the Lioness.

She felt him, startled from her desire she jumped and roared at the intruder. She felt no fear in him, just warmth, he was searching her now. Her eyes narrowed for the fleetest of moments, she turned back to the door, growled deeply and approached. "Whatever you're hiding door" she silently told it, "It's mine."

The feeling of life was accelerating in him, on him. Skin now covered his new muscles, he reveled in the peace the feeling of sunlight inspired, his new eyes cried their first tears, pure uncontrollable happiness.

She attacked the door as if it were a rival threatening her cubs, clawing, biting, pounding. Roaring so loud the God's stopped to watch. Nothing. Not a mark nor a scratch, no sign she had even tried. She sat down, closed her eyes and opened herself to his presence.

Don't give up, love is borne of love......

She felt more than heard his words, he was filling her as surely as she was filling him, his soul was gently touching hers, like long lost lovers they entwined themselves, just wanting to simply be.

Yes my lioness, passion, warmth, love.....

Her eyes opened. She blinked at the door and stood up. Like a timid kitten she crept forward, her eyes barely open, her body filled with the pleasure his presence was providing.

He was no longer a skeleton, he was heat, the lioness had given life to the dead embers of his passion, he settled into her warmth and whispered quietly....." Now, please, now...."

Craning her neck she sniffed at the door. It was so warm. She offered it a gentle lick, a sweet, soft kiss. The door crumbled to dust, offering no more resistance than she could offer him. She was engulfed in peace and something much deeper, something she wanted very badly. His living soul came from the darkness, his beating heart, the heart she had brought back to life, the soul that was as much hers as his. His arms were open, she was pulled to him like the tides to the moon, vanishing into each other as they touched, becoming one........

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