Where do You spend your Crypto?

By KharmaScribbles | Stories of HODL | 12 Jun 2019

Where do you spend your Crypto?

So with all this talk about how to earn crypto for free I thought it might be best to take a little detour and introduce a few of my favourite ways to spend my accumulated coins.
My goal when I started doing faucets watching my balance grow was just to have some extra virtual spending money to play games or buy stuff online. Little did I know how much fun I’d get to have just from depositing some crypto!

Crypto Casinos

I’ve never been much of a gambler in the offline world and more of a card player, table games are where I spend most of my casino time, BlackJack being my best game. I don’t like the idea of slots since there is no control over strategy - it’s pure luck spinning those reels! Card games give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to keep some control of the gameplay while being mostly about luck.

I had never played real-money betting in any online game or casino before discovering crypto. Depositing crypto at a casino allows me to place real-money bets and it’s quite a different and fun experience than just play betting for fun.

Many of the popular crypto casinos are big casinos with a multitude of slot games to choose from. They usually have a few table games thrown in for good measure, usually live dealers which are tons of fun. The problem I have with these types of Casinos is that I get lost in them, they don’t lend to personal experience, not to mention many of their bonuses or cash back features cater heavily towards slots players. Being a low-roller such as I also mean I can’t enjoy myself too long because generally, they have high minimum bets - and all too often I have found myself with too low of a balance to even play at the Blackjack table!
If you do play at these Casinos my advice would be to do some research and try to stick with the ones that deal with Crypto only, once you mix fiat into the mix things can start getting messy. It was easy for me to understand what I could afford to lose if I strictly played with Crypto and kept my fiat currency out of it. I also value my crypto differently, it keeps the same value that it’s worth, so to speak, instead of valuing it against CDN or USD. This part is hard to explain but you would only understand if you never compared or traded crypto with fiat. Your mind keeps them as completely different currencies and to me, it helps keep crypto fun!

Dice Sites

One of the popular trends I only noticed in crypto gambling was the growing trend of sites focused solely on one game; Dice. Usually supporting just one coin or a small selection, these sites allow a player to wager on the range of the rolled dice. Usually above or below are the only two options to wager on, some sites also introduced the ability to guess the range - so wagering that you will roll Below 20 would offer a higher payout with a small win chance compared to wagering on Above 30 which would offer a smaller payout but a more likely chance of rolling within that range (rolling anywhere from 30-100 would make a winning bet!)


one of the original and most trusted!
A sleek design and offers a unique investment option for those who want to passively earn instead of playing.
The only Dice site I've actually spent quite a bit if time wagering in and the only Dice site I've made a deposit at.
Their unique design and bonus features kept things interesting for me.

Another popular feature that became with Dice sites is the auto-bet bot scripts, allowing a user to basically code in a formula of how they want to bet. What to do if the roll loses? Maybe double the base bet for the next roll. What if you win? Reset to base bet? Lower the win chance? The more options that a site allowed for their players to select in their auto-bets, the more popular that site seemed to be.

I’m too easily bored at sites featuring just Dice, the repetitive motions of rolling the dice and having such black and white results regarding winning or losing is a bore! I think for that reason many players prefer to play with auto-bets on. These players are also more betting for the money and most likely use the chat box more than anything else on the site. For me, I would rather play than set up a bot to play for me. Where is the fun in that? Where is the challenge? There is no brain stimulation going on by watching the auto-bot roll.
To each there own, but crypto is supposed to be my ‘fun coins’, so bring on the fun!


There is a final kind of casino that has lately become popular. I call them micro-casinos. They usually offer 4 or more different types of games to wager on, and sticking with tried and true tradition, most of them offer up some variation of the “Dice” game, but personally I find myself avoiding playing Dice all-together at these Casinos because they generally have a unique and interesting selection of other microgames that hold my attention longer!

The GREAT thing about these types of Casinos is that they allow you to bet with the smallest stake possible: 1 Satoshi! [Something that all Dice sites have in common as well]

As you can see, Micro-Casinos are perfect for the low-roller like me, who doesn’t like gambling with too much risk, but still gets a thrill from any amount of profit I can make.

Here are a few of my favourite micro-casinos that I think you should try playing at to:

Stake is hands down my favourite casino, they recently re-vamped and launched version 2 of the site which brought some new games to the
table and a sleeker, more streamlined look and feel.

My go-to games here are; BlackjackVideo PokerMines and Limbo! I'm not ashamed to play Mines on 2 Mine difficulty, it's a very easy way to make profit for me.

Another one of my secrets is to take advantage of the vault and vault excess profits often! Set a goal for yourself, like “Whenever I make above 10k, I will vault the difference!” and stick to it. Refrain from pulling money back out of the vault - the goal is to build up enough to meet the minimum withdraw threshold ;)

I don't play here too often, but one of the most used features here is their crypto exchange. They support a load of different coins
for betting as well as exchanging between coins at very good exchange value. The best part is you can use the exchange without playing!
Just deposit, exchange, withdraw!

LuckyGames only has a few games offered but they offer a little something different than most similar casinos. They have a full service roulette wheel, and they have a game called “Balls” which is very similar to Keno.

What I like about LuckyGames especially is their design, very gorgeous UI. They also offer their own token which can be used to place ‘free bets’ or collected and spent in their game store. They offer some nice prizes there but you will need to save up your Lucky Tokens and not be tempted to play with them.

Another feature I mentioned above is the exchange service they offer for registered users. You can trade crypto-crypto between all the different coins LuckyGames supports. You do not even need to play in order to use the exchange; I often deposit coins just to exchange and withdraw them right away. The trick is to pay attention to minimum thresholds. Go to the Exchange and look up the pair you want to exchange. Check what the minimum exchange is for the coin you want to change, then input the amount you will be depositing, on the right side select the coin you want to change into, it will tell you what amount you can expect. Then go and click the ‘Withdraw’ option on the coin you will change to and check if your expected amount is above the withdraw minimum if everything comes above minimums you are good to deposit and do the exchange! Deposits and Withdraws are super fasts, and exchanging is done instantly as well.

Well I hope you've found a new place to play and spend your hard earned crypto ;) My previous articles have been about how to earn free crypto so I thought it was about time to write an article explaining how to use your collected coins to their full fun-potential! Since my whole purpose for starting crypto collecting was to earn some extra 'entertainment' funds, being able to place 'real-money' for the first time thanks to crypto means I've met my goal! Next, we will learn how to trade on those scary, intimidating sites called "Exchanges".

Until next time ;)

*DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are my own and not influenced by any of the companies, coins or services I mention in this review. This is NOT a sponsored endorsement but I do receive a commission if you sign up under my link(s).

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