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By KharmaScribbles | Stories of HODL | 25 Apr 2019

Some of the best paying faucets you can claim anywhere!!

Hello again friendly readers! I welcome you to another installment of my Faucet series! This time we take a look at my favourite faucets that are only available for mobile devices, namely Android.
Note, there may be a version available for iOS but I have not confirmed. These reviews are based solely on the Android apps which are available from the Google Play Store.1

So let’s get right into the reviews. Let’s start out with my favourite faucets of all, desktop and apps combined these next two are my favourite faucets of all and I think you’ll agree when you find out why.

You may want to go and get yourself a Coinbase wallet as some of these require it for payouts as they will pay out to the email address associated with the wallet.

Free Altcoin Spinners!

These are pretty straight forward; instead of completing a shortlink you spin the wheel for a prize and watch a video ad at the end.


This was my first Android faucet and the one that made me wish I would have hopped on the old crypto bandwagon sooner.

You can earn as much as you’re willing to put in, there are no limits as long sd you’re willing to watch video ads, which can be anything from 30s seconds long to a static banner ad. You will see a video after every spin, and you can watch a video to recuperate energy which is needed to spin.

Basically, you spin the wheel and wherever it lands is the amount of gwei you’ll earn. Each spin takes energy, and there is a low wager and high wager; 3000 and 5000 energy respectively. To change your wager, there is a lever beside the spin button. When wagering 5000 it increases all the payout amounts on the wheel, some substantially.
My advice is to always spin under a 5k wager. Your energy bar has a max of 50,000, and if you get low you can tap the plug icon beside the bar and you’ll see two option for increasing, Offres or Watch a Video Ad. Watching an ad will increase your energy by 3000, and you can watch as many videos as you want in a row provided there are ads in rotation. Rarely I’ve received a message stating there were no more videos in the queue and to try again later, and literally 5 seconds later there was an ad ready for view.
If you are tired of all the ads and run out of energy, take a break from the game (and maybe play another fountain) and your energy will accumulate at a rate of about 1 per second, even if the app is closed.

So as you can see there is maximum earning potential here! There are no limits and no minimums for withdrawing either. The only limitation is you can only claim your accumulated gwei once every 72 hours (3 days). This adds value to the game for me because it allows you to challenge yourself and set a goal, making you motivated to play IMO. For example, after a cash out, I like to challenge myself to earn a certain amount before the next time I’m able to claim. Playing at a casual pace, a few times a day just letting energy recharge with time, I’m able to earn at least 100k. If you are really lucky and land some good prizes you may even surpass that mark by the end of the first day.

When you first install the app you will need to sign in using the Gmail account linked to your Coinbase wallet, and you will receive 10,000 gwei sent straight to your Coinbase wallet! Note that this does not count as a ‘claim’, so you’ll be able to make your first claim at any point and not have to wait 3 days.

Pick it up here ETH Spinner


The same app as above except this one lets you earn LTC using the same routine. You will receive 5,000 latoshi on sign up, and note that due to the different measurements between ETH and LTC, this app makes it appear that you earn at a slower rate but if you convert it you’ll see it’s about the same as the ETH app.

Pick it up here LTC Spinner


This is a wonderful network of apps that I just discovered recently. As is the trend with the apps in this list, you do need a Google account to sign up and use the system, but please note they have a very strict privacy policy guaranteeing your data can only be used for two-way communication with you, and all they can ask for is your email address. Read their full [Terms of Service][] for details.

These apps have very high payouts considering you can claim from both apps every 15 minutes, you can claim from the online faucet once an hour. The reason they can offer these amazing amounts is that they are the only faucet who returns 95% of their profit back to the users!
The two apps have a different style but both function basically the same: you can spin up to 3 times every 15 minutes (on both apps), you must choose one of the spins to claim or be forced to claim the 3rd spin.
There is a “Win a Heart” wheel as well that you can try to win the Heart every 5 minutes. When you have the Heart your prizes on the wheel will be much higher, and when CBN hosts run a #CrazyTime you must have the heart icon to participate.
Once you win the heart it is shared amongst both their apps and you get to keep it for quite a few rounds!

Some important things I want to point out and make very clear just in case you skim the ToS and miss anything:

  • It is prohibited to use Ad-Blockers, Captcha completion software or failing to complete a Captcha if one is shown to you. PLEASE deactivate your VPN or Annoynymous Proxy before accessing the website or using the mobile apps.
    • This is a very important rule, their systems can and always do find abusers and you won’t know you’ve been caught until you try to withdraw your earnings… Your withdraw will be cancelled, your earnings will be confiscated and your IP/Account banned. Please please head my warning here and only play fair with these guys, although you should play fair at all faucet sites, right?.
  • Users are only allowed to use one account per device.
  • You MUST be over the age of 13 to use their services.

Another awesome aspect about this network is if you go to the Online portal, they have an advertising network where you can advertise with them by using the BTC in your account at a very affordable price of 100 Satoshi per credit!2. They run a Cost Per Click system and the advertisements run in their mobile apps and you get unlimited views until your CPC credits are used up. And yes, you are welcome to advertise your affiliate links just be sure to create some artwork for them, your banner must be 300x250 to be approved for the Advertising Network3!

The easiest way to get on board is to follow this link and be sure to download both of their apps! You can then access their online portal section where the hourly fountain is by using the side menu within an app.

When/If the app asks for your referral ID please use code: jczZih





All the apps mentioned here are high paying, high-quality Android faucets that pay out!! So go ahead and start getting paid now :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for future articles about my crypto adventures!

/~© KharmaScribbles

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  1. This post will contain affiliate links, but nothing gets taken from your earnings so it’s just a way to reward me for introducing you to the faucet ↩︎

  2. Minimum credit purchase is 5 credits, price stated based on credit value at time of writing. ↩︎

  3. I am currently participating in affiliate advertising using their network but since my advertisement was only approved a few hours ago I can not give a complete review on the results of the advertising. ↩︎

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