Level up Your Faucet Earnings! Part 1

By KharmaScribbles | Stories of HODL | 26 Apr 2019

How to Level Up Your Faucet Earnings Easily!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on my journey through the cryptoverse. I’ve learned a lot and changed a lot of things too. A big change you’ll either notice or be confused about is that I am now blogging first on publish0x instead of Steemit. The reason for this is I agree more with how publish0x distributes tips - it is a lot easier to be rewarded for both reading and writing, everyone gets a little bit of the pool and best of all tips are free! I encourage you to sign up for publish0x if you are reading this as a guest; the layout is also very classy and similar to Medium!

Enough about this though, let’s get back to the reason we are here, micro earning those crypto coins.

Now, for those just new to my little space here; I previously published an article detailing how I have earned all my crypto strictly from grinding daily faucets, I have not one purchased any crypto, and through trial and error I have established a productive little list and the earnings come by a lot quicker now than they did before!

Mostly I’ve made my faucet grind less of a mandatory task and more of the rewarding task that it was meant to be. I’ve discovered a few other great cryptos too!

There was only a slight barrier in my way, the fact I like to gamble and game… My whole purpose for collecting crypto was for excess funds to spend on my online endeavours but I also was hoping to have accumulated some full coins by now. It was time to graduate and look for more adventure!

First I will update on the faucets I’m still currently using, and how I’ve upgraded from ‘faucet earnings’ to ‘investment fundings’ and more as we get into part 2 of this series.


These are the classics, and by now I have built up a good loyalty bonus for each coin so my earnings come a lot easier now. Make sure to claim from these daily.


Allcoins.pw is a very neat faucet and quickly became my fave which I claim from multiple times in the day. They support a wide variety of coins and also have a lot of cool games to help multiple your crypto if you like games of chance.

One of the neat things about Allcoins is you can withdraw to a regular wallet and bypass Faucethub entirely! There is, of course, a higher minimum threshold for this to account for the fees but it has come in handy at times where I’ve been in a pinch and wouldn’t have met the minimum withdraw on Faucethub, I can at least get coins from Allcoins to my wallet.

Some less used features are the small auto-faucet and with the software miner, they provide a mining pool you can point your mining to earn coins that way too.

Free BitCoin Cash

This is an Android app, I have found some really good faucets in app form lately so I thought I would share a few in case of any Android fans out there.

Free BitcoinCash is a super simple and weekly paying app. Your goal is to collect at least 10,000 satoshis by midnight Tuesday morning, which is when all accounts over the 10k threshold get their balances paid out.

You get one main game every hour and smaller bonus claims as side claims.
My advice is to respin often, all it takes is watching an ad. Aim for ending in the top golden row. How you get there is by climbing the ‘bills’, which you see 4 scattered about in the silver level, and there is only one for climbing up from level 2. If you do end in the 3rd level you automatically claim and end this hourly claim. However, you can keep spinning until you get there, provided you are patient enough to watch the number of ads needed. It makes it easier each spin because when you land in a cell, you can not land in that cell again for this session… so eventually you should be able to climb the ladder, it will just be random where you finish up in the top row.

I will note the app used to be easier and each cell was worth more but that changed when BTCCash increased recently.

Introducing; Investment and Savings Accounts



Now we are starting to get into different territory.
BTCpop is a site where you can do a lot of things with your crypto, anything from investing into shares, providing or requesting loans, but the main purpose I use it for daily is its coin staking pool. That’s right, it allows you to stack most stackable coins in a central pool without needing to download a separate wallet to do so. CLAM, REDDCOIN, BEANCASH are all examples of stackable coins - stacking is like mining, you basically make more coins by just holding coins. It’s kind of like gaining interest.
An added benefit is that they have a Faucet that supplies most coins you’d want to stack, you can visit this faucet every half hour. Faucet claims are paid out to your BTCpop balance once a day, so keep claiming and claiming!


QoinPro is a web wallet for accumulating free daily coins and interest on your deposits. It supports 15 coins currently, and recently two were added via AirDrop - UBTC and PLAN. Some of the standard coins you’ll find here are BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE just to name a few.

How it works is simple, sign up and you’ll receive some free starter coins in all supported currencies. I suggest you download the app as well as this will unlock all daily coins for your wallets so you can just sit back and watch your stash grow.

If you want even more value and have some coins sitting around doing nothing, deposit your stash to your Qoinpro wallet and you will unlock daily interest ON TOP of your daily coins. Interest is unlocked for the coins which you’ve made a deposit to. It is a small amount of interest accumulated daily, 0.105% to be exact but a lot of other crypto accounts I’ve found which pay interest don’t start paying you interest until you’ve accumulated at least a minimum of 1.0 or more coins. At Qoinpro you are paid interest on any balance in your wallet, as long as you’ve made at least 1 deposit of a coin, that coin will collect interest every 24 hours and of course this compounds as your balance grows.

Remember, interest is different than the daily coins which you can unlock by using the app. You can not increase your interest rate however you can increase your daily coin rate by completing the Daily Coin Bonuses, which you can find in the reward section on the left navigation menu.

If you have coins just sitting around in a wallet and you don’t transact with them very much - have them grow at Qoinpro!

Now is a good to time to let you go and explore all the new options you might not have realized about! Stay tuned for part II where I will discuss even more unique and different ways of making micro earnings with little to no effort needed, which I’ll also start to introduce the different investment options I’ve discovered and been playing around with. You won’t want to miss that!

Thanks all for reading and I’d love to answer any questions in the comments, also feel free to leave me ideas for services you’d like me to review or topics you’d like to see me write about.

*Again, I just want to make it clear that I am still a NEWBIE to crypto and have no experiance investing, trading, or exchanging any
currency, even FIAT.

Originally posted on publishx0, eventually will be cross-posted to Steemit.

© KharmaScribbles || ~ 2019

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