Tezos (XTZ) to take on Ethereum (ETH) as number two Crypto?
Tezos XTZ Ethereum ETH

Tezos (XTZ) to take on Ethereum (ETH) as number two Crypto?

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 15 Feb 2020


In recent days Tezos (XTZ) has taken many in the crypto world unexpectedly. With several gains and over shadowing many other coins it has many in the crypto world saying things from "SCAM COIN" to people trying to predict its demise. What is not known to these elites is that Tezos and Ethereum will enter a battle with each other to which many don't know that Tezos could become the victor.

Crypto Savy in his discord chat nearly became unhinged at a member and called Tezos a pump and dump scam coin.

If you don't know already Ethereum is planning to change from proof of work to proof of stake. While Tezos will be using Liquid proof of stake. With Tezos Liquid Democracy i think it will win out as you the individual will win out.

If you don't like the choice that the person you delegated your vote to voted you can take back your vote an vote on the policy it self. While Ethereum has Byzantine fault tolerant within its Casper once it scales up for its Proof of Stake system you will be required to lock up your 32+ (32 being the min) Ethereum.

Ethereum Violators would have their stake slashed if caught cheating. While Ethereum may seem slightly more accountable, holders and investors are at the mercy of the wealthy whales rather than Tezos where the individual holder has a say.

To become a delegate in Ethereum you would have to pay for expensive campaign (and we all know how this works in American politics). Also with Tezos unlike Ethereum is that you can simply hold and accumulate while Ethereum would require you to participate to acquire and also lock up your stake. So with Tezo you can simply delegate your vote and let it do its magic as you bake. To become a delegate in Tezos you would just need gain a persons trust the more people trust in the direction the more votes. If somone is malicious people can remove thier vote rather than that malicious person still in control as they won their campaign under Ethereum.

Ethereums Past:

Ethereum has had some patches where its co-founder has said one thing like saying only raise the cap by x amount but ends up raising it more than projected, several times in fact. Yet they claim to be 95% ready for July 2.0 release. The simple fact that the direction they are going in in my opinion isnt the best way and allows for greedy individuals to take control rather than investors like us who want our investment to grow and not dilute it to make money selling more coins while hosing current holders. Could Ethereum go the way of Ripple? down to 30cents by continued dilution?

Note: I am not a financial adviser or writer in any way and you should do your own due diligence and research the best you can do. While you should do your own research it is important to note that coins that perform well when Bitcoin doesn't is a strong indicator of its ability.

Disclosure: Tezos (XTZ) is 35% of my portfolio.




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