Tezos XTZ Soars and What You Need To Know?
Tezos XTZ Performance Soars to +188%

Tezos XTZ Soars and What You Need To Know?

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 15 Feb 2020

First we already know the market is reacting to this. People like you and I got in early while others are catching up and others still claiming scam as they are left behind just like Bitcoin and Ethereum did its watchers.... This is great right?


Well there are a lot of technical's involved in Tezos, I will spare you the details. I Have written about some of it and others have as well. Lets start with the easy stuff.


The Return:

5% POS Investment, Dividend, or Return. Whatever you want to call it. You dont need to lock it up to earn it either. Just hold it in your bag where you can simply earn it just by holding.

Simple and easy, your Boomer father could even do it with a few finger clicks and a few phone calls to you later, and he is earning back on his investment that not only is earning 5% but his investment is increasing with the market too. What I am saying is that you don't need to know anything about crypto with Tezos. Anyone could just get a CoinBase account and know nothing about crypto other than Tezos you earn 5% "interest" and it could triple in value in mean time? Boomers may just use Tezos as a retirement fund? who knows!

Asides from those that aren't into crypto many of use are. Those that are with the times know that POW is a dinosaur of a tech. Many are becoming climate change aware and energy conscious about everything now days. POW is to go the way of the dodo. Plain and simple. If you are a miner why would you not swap to a  Proof of Stake? You cut your expenses down to more than half, literally. While you can become a delegate instead of a large mining company with tuns of expenses. With Tezos you will only have to spend what you want to earn back. What do i mean by that? well lets say you are a miner, you spend tuns on equipment, power, maybe staff, and those buildings. While renewable power is an option, energy costs wont go down and with halving happening in Bitcoin world. It will cost tuns more to get little return. Why not spend that money on more lucrative way and end up a delegate to help drive Tezos? Not only will you gain from value increase but from 5% back and be a delegate...


Proof Of Stake:

Tezos stands alone here, and in a good way. It is largest decentralized Proof of Stake on the market. Compared to Bitcoin the top miner controls just under 20% of the market. While the largest Tezos Baker can control only about 6% and second largest about 4%. That being said every Baker that is holding Tezos and earning 5% is taking part in the largest validation process which will lead to a better platform.

Democratic Participation:

Like all crypto there are decisions to be made, platform, tech, directions, dilution, etc. With its Governance structure things like what happens with forks of Bitcoin and Ethereum are avoided. all upgrades are voted on by all its holders and delegates unlike Ethereum 2.0 where a delegate would campaign for control spending a boat load of money to get their control over the directions. I spoke of this in another post and will spare you it.

Tezos Gets an Upgraded Listing:

On February 7th 2020 Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings has upgraded Tezos XTZ to a B-. Rating of a B is called "Good". While retaining its C+ Performance grade (Which I believe in coming weeks may change if Tezos XTX continues)

 “a comprehensive, balanced overview of all factors, based on a complex algorithm — not an average of the component grades. When making choices, investors should focus primarily on this overall rating.” 


“the downside potential investors should be aware of, reflecting price volatility and magnitude of recent declines” while Reward indicates “profit potential based mostly on price momentum and recent returns to investors”. 


 “level of anonymity, sophistication of monetary policy, governance capabilities, ability or flexibility to improve code, energy efficiency, scaling solutions, interoperability with other blockchains,” 



Weiss Crypto Rating Tezos XTZ B-

Weiss Crypto Rating Tezos XTZ B-


While one should not invest solely on this rating it is important to take note that its continued performance has and will change the market.


Tezos XTZ Performance +188%

Note: I am not a financial adviser or writer in any way and you should do your own due diligence and research the best you can do. While you should do your own research it is important to note that coins that perform well when Bitcoin doesn't is a strong indicator of its ability.

Disclosure: Tezos (XTZ) is 35% of my portfolio.


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