SCAMERS: BitForex Robbed me of $600 Bitcoin BTC Avoid Them.
BitForex Scam Artists

SCAMERS: BitForex Robbed me of $600 Bitcoin BTC Avoid Them.

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 15 Feb 2020

Hey guys I'd like to share my horrible story of being robbed from an exchange named Bitforex. Please share my horrible story with others so they do not use Bitforex and suffer like I have. Apparently there are others that have suffered as well from simple google search that I should of done more in depth investigation. I lost about $600 worth of btc and I will tell you what happened.

It Started out great 50x

While I was leveraging my Bitcoin I was very successful. I was up 250% when bitcoin went up when I longed then I closed and went short for another 150% then went long again for another 100% then switched again for +500%. For two weeks I did this and accumulated a nice bag of Bitcoin in anticipation of the halving. I was super happy then bitforex happened.....

No Fault of my own, other than trusting them

While I understand the issues with leveraging and how it can clean people out. Unfortunately that wasn't the issue. The issue was with their system that they admitted had an error and that they corrected. While I was leveraging I could not close out of my position at all. Not on mobile device or my laptop, and even the computer at work I couldn't. The laptop would keep reloading my position in the order book even though I told it to close repeatedly. What was worse was the mobile app didn't show any position at all but the laptop did. I was already up +250% on my position and wanted to close it. This position would of netted me about .35 bitcoin.


However after two days of not being able to close my position. Bitcoin tested longs at a low level and was forced liquidated losing all my Bitcoin. 

I took to email

I took to emailing them using thier support ticket system which is zendesk, they acknowledged an issue and it was rectified, proceeded to ask how much I had lost and said that I would get a refund because of their glitch. Still awaiting my refund and took to social media and they tried to scam me even more.








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