Head Moderator of /r/FreeCrypto Promoting a Scam

Head Moderator of /r/FreeCrypto Promoting a Scam

By Neoaikon | StoneTek | 9 Jan 2020

Earlier today I posted an article (since taken down) pointing to what I thought was a legitimate airdrop for .5ETH but after researching it I discovered that they wanted you to send .5 ETH to get your .5 ETH (What a classic!). This was posted by OKBlackBelt, the head moderator over at https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeCrypto


After doing some research of my own I found the following post on BeerMoneyForum, https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/mercatox-airdrop-0-5-eth-75.63697/, at the very end is a person who got scammed out of .5 ETH because of this...


I just can't believe he'd be spreading a scam around on his own subreddit. The thing that astounds me is that if you look at his profile, https://www.reddit.com/user/okblackbelt, he obviously realizes it's a doubling scam but still his post remains....


He's breaking the rules of the subreddit he moderates, so I urge everyone that's willing to go over and report him. Moderators are suppose to be the ones removing scam posts, not the ones promoting them. The whole reason I thought the airdrop MIGHT have been legitimate was because it was posted by a head moderator. I'm glad I researched it......I would have been tempted to actually send .5 ETH otherwise...

I want to apologize for posting a scam, I'm glad I kept researching and I caught it early enough to remove the post before any of you got hit by it. Stay safe out there everyone!


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