Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum Indirectly
Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.

Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum Indirectly

I'm sure everyone and anyone who's reading this is much savvier than I am about anything related to cryptocurrencies and has probably already figured this out but just in case you haven't my post is about Marathon Digital (MARA), the company. Full disclosure, I own shares.

Many stock mining companies are out there; RIOT, HVBTF, CAN to name a few. But between these, Marathon is the best pick. It has the most correlation between the stock price and the price of ethereum and bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole.

My strategy is simple. When the market starts to dip, buy long term put options. When the market is on the uptrend, buy either shares or long term call options. All my options will be for 3-6 months out. In particular, I'm interested in the put options during crypto bear markets as a way to offset my loss.

I'm aware that you could but 3x Bear coins and so on through Kucoin and other such trading platforms but I find them to be much less reliable because of the way the 3X calculation affects your returns. If its not clear to you, reply to this post or DM me and I'll explain it further in detail.

Today, I got a -5% notification from one of my platforms on which I have 5% change alerts set up. If I get 2 more, I'm buying puts and waiting for a few months to see what happens. Currently, MARA is trading ar $52 and a $35 put option is about $500. MARA has hit as low as 20 before during bear markets and a $35 put option will absolutely print, 3-5x (or $1500-2500), which is a great hedge. Besides, I can use that to reinvest in at a low. Its affordably cheap if you want to profit significant chunks using long term trends and can't afford to get into bitcoin directly.

tl;dr MARA reflects crypto markets well and can be a cheaper trading method than crypto directly. You can DCA that too if you're confident about bull or bear markets.



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