PreSearch - for serial-searchers

By Stiv90 | stiv90 | 10 May 2020



Do you make a lot of searches on google or on other search providers?

Are you interested in getting rewards for every search you take?

PreSearch is the answer!

PreSearch is an engine where you can make a lot of search on the major provider! You can choose on which provider you'll go and getting rewards for every search.

How can I earn using PreSearch?

For every search you make, you can earn up to 0,25 PRE Token, you can make up to 32 search every day (8 PRE token maximum earned per day).

Another way to earn is by refer your reflink to your friend. For every subscription with your link, you and your friend get 25 PRE Token.

When you reach 1000 PRE Token, you can withdraw them on a Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallet.


What do you think about getting rewards for you searches? presearch

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