Brave - The best browser for the new decade 2020

By geraldst | geraldst | 30 May 2020


Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It has an inbuilt ad blocker and website trackers. Brave also provides users with a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token or BAT by clicking on the advertisements the provide. You can also become a Brave creator and get tips in the form of BAT from other Brave users. Brave browser is available in Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux. More importantly, brave is a decentralized browser and does not sell user data to the highest bidder. Unlike most of the online platforms available in the internet, Brave gives you most secure browsing experience.

Users of the Brave browser can opt in to the Brave Rewards feature, which sends BAT micro-payments to websites and content creators. Site owners and creators must first register with Brave as a publisher. Users can either turn on auto-contribute, which automatically divides a specified monthly contribution in proportion to the time spent, or they can manually send a chosen amount (referred to as a tip) while visiting the site or creator. 


The brave wallet is powered by Uphold. For pay-outs, brave wallet has to be linked to your uphold account. You can transfer your Brave rewards to your Uphold account once every month. And unlike all other earning platforms out there, your minimum cash out amount is not required for Brave. You can transfer whatever there is in your Brave wallet to your Uphold account from where you can convert the BAT into Bitcoin or my other cryptocurrencies that uphold supports or you can cash out to your bank account. 


Users can also become a creator and link their websites, YouTube channels, twitter account or GitHub account with their brave account and earn tips as BAT from other Brave users. Even if you do not have a page through which you can generate revenue via BAT, you can contribute other creators using the send a tip feature.

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Windows 32/64 bit

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