Where You Should Have Put Your Dollar
The dollar is shrinking. How can you maintain value?

Where You Should Have Put Your Dollar

By jimstew | Stewgame | 29 Oct 2020

The US Dollar’s value is shrinking. Here is the difference in one year. Positive percentage numbers indicate that those items would cost that much more in September 2020 than they did in September 2019, (except the treasury yield numbers indicate a reduction in interest rates). As far as the cost of living goes the only thing that you can buy more of with your US Dollar is pretty much gas and train/airline tickets, (for reasons that have nothing to do with the dollar).





The yield curve still in in the normal direction which means future interest rates will go up, but the reduction of rates in a year is disheartening.


The CPI rates, (and the Inflation rates - same thing), are based on the preceding 12 months. I plan to track this information monthly, and am hoping for some better results, but the dollar’s value seems to be slipping in it’s use around the world. Looks like the places to put your dollar over the past year were Silver, Bitcoin, and Gold in that order.






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