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It has been a while as I got busy with real-life stuff. But it is time to get back to posting as taking part in the different Splinterlands contests really helps you grow your account. Make sure you check them out. When I came back this week I had a nice little bonus waiting for me.


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It is pretty wild that just posting about this game I like got this account to over 70 HP already and got me $14 dollars to go shopping with. I had to take some time to turn the HBD into Hive and then using Tribal dex I got some DEC and got it into the game. Now it was time to go shopping. So of course I headed over to the @peakmonsters site to use the bid function to get the best price for the cards I am targeting.


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The thumbnail should have given this away but life team is the first one I am trying to get to level 3. I know that some might not think life is that good but these cards tend to win a lot of matches. At the same time, they are cheaper than some other cards. First off I put in a bd to pick up 3 more General Sloans. That will get me up to a level 2 card and 6 singles. That is just 3 away from my first level 3 summoner. The other main cards to target are the Pelacor Arbalest and Time Mage. They are a nice combo as the slow allows the Pelacor Arbalest to miss a lot less. Then I also took a bit more of the money too big for some Chaos Knights. If I get all 16 I will be able to get it to level 4 with the goal to hit level 5. If I do okay in the game and get some good votes I might just get this set to level 3 by the end of next week. Then I will have a leveled tank with a good damage dealer and tank. The other reason to aim for this team is there are two good rewards cards that you can get cheap or for free. The Venair Crystal Smith is a good healer and I already have that at level 2 with 4 singles from playing the game and the Pelacor Conjurer is a nice 2 cost card that I almost have to level 4 already. And when you are lucky Djinn Renova shows up but even if you can't pull these cards they are cheap. That allows you to have quite a team leveled up and ready to fight in silver.

My Bids used up about 11 dollars of my 14 I earned blogging. I have to save the rest of the DEC for renting to keep my silver. I have to make sure to do that because I joined a guild that I got invited to.


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I don't know anyone from Consciousness and I am not sure if they know I am SteveR82 this is my account I am grinding from $150 start to hopeful a Gold Level Account. Still, I figured if I was going to join a guild it was better to join a random one that used my connections. They are some rules for the guide that require me to give me 150 DEC Each Brawl. Yet if I can pull that off by using some of the blogging money then I can earn Gladius packs and get some free power. They also require I stay in silver but that is a goal I already have. I will see how it all goes.


2022-03-26 14_52_57-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png


As you can see the first brawl I joined didn't go so well. I was playing in bronze but Mylor and Lama beat me up a lot. I don't have those cards on this account so I will have to look into renting them or finding a way to win. I do see how hard it can be for the lower players now for sure. I am glad that I build this account to try this out. If I can do this so can you so Join Splinterlands Today

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