Sun Token Farming Is Live

Sun Token Farming Is Live

Sun farming is liv and I feel good about this site. I plan to farm some gains on the Tron network. I have done okay on a few other sites but also got some coins stuck on Salmon.  This video I just going over and how it works. If you want me to show you some of the other farms let me know. They are riskier but can moon.  If I get some comments asking for that I will go over some of them the same way. I really think that the more Tron does to show it can do what other chains do but cheaper the better chance they have to become a major player. It also means that they have a better chance of scams showing up. As it is easier and faster to get stuff going on Tron so be careful. 


Let me know if you want me to do a video on any other topics as I am looking for ideas.


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Torn Defi Video


Sun Site


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I am crypto fan. I post on Hive and Steem and now I am also here.

SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects
SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects

I am a fan of Blockchain Games as they allow users to own the items. As the projects grow some of them are going to let items be moved from one game to another. It is setting the stage for finding a great weapon that can move with you from game to game. Or finding an item that will pay for you to start up in a new game. I am also a fan of any Blockchain Project that is looking to take power away from centralized platforms that take advantage of their customers. Like Celsius and

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