SolFarm Is the First Yield Aggregator on Solana and Tulip Token Launched

SolFarm Is the First Yield Aggregator on Solana and Tulip Token Launched

I made this video yesterday when the market was way down. First of all, the price of the coin has doubled. I didn't buy any yet because I need to move more funds to Solana. It takes some time and I am working on it and hope to be ready as more projects launch and stuff gets going. SolFarm is in place to be the first place to find a yield aggregator vault. Holders of the new Tulip Tokens will be able to vote for projects in or out of the vaults. They will also be able to help pick out the rewards rates of Tulip going forward. This isn't live yet but that is the kind of stuff that will drive value to the token. They also now are tradable on Raydium but that happened today so it was missing from the video. Because users can add it to LP pool now.

Tulip Token Post

Raydium Pool Post

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