Free BTC on BetFury and Ways to Earn More

Free BTC on BetFury and Ways to Earn More


There are the main boxes I am going to talk about in this post.  They have more boxes but you have to gamble a lot to get those.  These ones are pretty easy to get to.  It will require you gable a little and in theory, you can do it with the BTC from the faucet. That will just take more time. But if you want to start getting some free BTC then sign up for BetFury and you can get 25 sats every 20 minutes. That is a referral link in case you happen to be a gambler.  To withdraw them you need to get to 0.00005 BTC. It is a long grind but you can speed it up if you want to risk what you are getting for free. 



Here is how the site will work. You can get the free BTC right away don't need to do anything for that. But if you want to unlock the boxes you have to do some gambling. I put in .0015 BTC into the site. I played the dice game on mostly rolling under 95 and a few times I did the roll under 47 and then 2x if lost.  I was able to unlock the first 2 boxes and be up on my .0015 to.002. So I bought the first two boxes. 


That invested .0011 into boxes and left me with .0009 on the site. Here is where I got a little silly and why I am now down 40k sats but you don't do this unless you like to gamble. The dice had been so nice to me that I wasn't ready for when I rolled over 47 like 10 times in a row. I lost the sats I had.  I then also did one more stupid thing. See you earn this token  BFG when you beat BTC that give you staking rewards. I had over 100 of them but I had lost so many times I bet a few of them and lost those. Yup, I went on tilt why I should have just stopped and ley my BTC grow. 



You can also earn them if you bet with TRX. They support BTT and USDT on Trx. You will need a TronLink wallet to get into the site. As you can see I now have 47. I had 40 left and have been gambling with my faucet today getting me 7 more and that give me a daily payout you see above it was better when I had over 1000 haha. 


The staking pool is pretty large so it isn't going to run out and you will need to gamble to get those tokens but if you build up a nice little stake you can get more. Once my tow boxes finish up I will restart them and try to gamble a little more. My goal is to get back my 40k sats but by building up BFG tokens on the site till my daily payout is maybe 500 sats. It is going to take time but then I can get the money back in a bit more than a month. This is going to be a grind till I can earn more but you can do this with all the coins from the faucet.  



It is a nice online casino site with no fees for bets and stuff and a lot of games that work well. I just pay nice but like I said if you have a lot of extra coins and want to gamble good luck. I wouldn't do it look I lost.  They do have a lot of players. They also have tiers with rewards and cashback but this post is more about how you can get some free btc. Or get free btc to unlock boxes and invest some for returns. You can unlock them with the free sats. you can bet 100 Sats a lot of times under 95 before you lose.  So you can get to a lot more bet than you have on the site. I mean I am at almost .01 and I only put on .0015.  Well if you sign up and try it out let me know and thanks for reading.  I do hope a few signup and just collect the free sats. 




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SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects

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