Finding Projects On Binance Smart Chain

Finding Projects On Binance Smart Chain

Hello, In this video I got over some of the tools you can use to find projects on the Binance Smart Chain. From the stuff that is brand new and coming out to where to see what is safer. All DeFi projects are risking and while I show you what I am invested in right now make sure to do your own research before doing anything. I will stay that it is a lot of fun on the BSC right now but that fun will be over fast if your project gets hacked or does a rug pull. Unless you are careful and only invest funds you can lose. Everyone has to figure out how much to put into these projects on their own. I do hope this is helpful as a way to show you how to find projects and then you do the work to find the Gems that are hiding. I see some coins that can up a lot coming soon or already out.

My Video on Getting funds from Binance US to BSC
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Defi Station
BscScan to find tokens
BscScan Yield Farm List
Yield Watch site

Goose Site
Pancake site
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Links to Help you Set up BSC on Meta Mask

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SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects
SteverR82 Blockchain Games and Projects

I am a fan of Blockchain Games as they allow users to own the items. As the projects grow some of them are going to let items be moved from one game to another. It is setting the stage for finding a great weapon that can move with you from game to game. Or finding an item that will pay for you to start up in a new game. I am also a fan of any Blockchain Project that is looking to take power away from centralized platforms that take advantage of their customers. Like Celsius and

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